What is IMHO

During discussions on various forums and chats, you can very often see an interesting word IMHO. It is not sure that those who use this word know exactly its original meaning, since this abbreviation has overgrown over time with extraneous cool meanings.

If we turn to the sources, then IMHO comes from the English IMHO, which stands for "In My Humble Opinion" or "In My Honest Opinion", and is used when some statement is not a generally accepted fact, but only reflects the personal opinion of the author. Using IMHO after such a statement, a person draws attention to the fact that he is not sure of this fact and in no way imposes on other people to accept this statement as an absolute truth, as if disclaiming responsibility.

However, over time, this IMHO began to decipher in another way, for example:

"In My Horrible Opinion".

"I have an opinion, I want to voice"

"I have an opinion, I want to mark"

"I Have an Opinion, Though Wrong"

"I have an Opinion - Fuck you Argue"

"I have an Opinion, Fuck I Will Refuse"

"Individual Response Host Opinion"