The origin and meanings of the word COMRADE

The word "comrade" comes from the Turkic term commodity (tauar). Wandering traders in Russia, who traded in one (similar) product, called themselves comrades. From the ancient Russian commodity, comrade - camp, military camp. According to some reports, they called comrades, merchants who went together for (with) goods. Often such convoys were accompanied by armed guards.

But the revolutionary meaning of the word comrade (camarade - French) was first given by the French during the Great French Revolution in 1790. From them other communist movements took over the habit of calling each other comrades.

The feminine form of the word (commodity) has never been used as an address; a woman was addressed in Russian in the same way as a man: "Comrade"

In 2010, the Chinese authorities banned drivers from using the word "comrade" when referring to passengers, as it is used by Chinese youth to refer to gay slang.