IQ level - how much will be in points

Today we will try to decipher the IQ level values ​​by translating the numbers into understandable language. I would like to note right away that popular intelligence tests do not cover all your capabilities and, therefore, are not decisive in measuring the human mind. It is known that theoretical physicists usually have the highest IQ. They constantly calculate the most complex speculative models, this type of thinking is fine-tuned, and it is easier for them to cope with these tests. But, for example, artists usually do not gain comparable points. But can we say that Aivazovsky is more stupid than Landau? Of course not. They just have different types of intelligence. Moreover, some people with exceptionally high IQ turned out to be completely helpless in everyday life. For example, Kim Peek could not button the buttons on his clothes. In addition, not everyone has such a talent from birth. Daniel Tammet gained his ability to memorize huge numbers of numbers after having a terrible epileptic seizure as a child.

IQ level above 140

Individuals with IQs over 140 are highly creative people who have achieved success in various scientific fields. Notable personalities with an intelligence test score of 140 or more include Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking. Such geniuses of their era are known for their outstanding abilities, they make an incredibly high contribution to the development of knowledge and science, create new inventions and theories. Such people are only 0.2% of the total population.

IQ level 131 to 140

Only three percent of the population has high IQs. Famous people with similar test results include Nicole Kidman and Arnold Schwarzenegger. These are successful people with high mental abilities, they can reach heights in various fields of activity, science and creativity. Want to check who is smarter - you or Schwarzenegger? THIS IS INTERESTING Right now, you can take an IQ test and find out.

IQ Level 121 to 130

Above average intellectual level is shown by only 6% of the population. Such people can be seen in universities, since they are usually excellent students in all disciplines, successfully graduate from universities, realize themselves in various professions and achieve high results.

IQ level 111 to 120

If you think that the average iq level is approximately 110 points, then you are wrong. This indicator refers to intelligence above average. People with test scores between 111 and 120 are usually hardworking and have a lifelong desire for knowledge. There are about 12% of such people among the population.

IQ Level 101 to 110

A quarter of the population has IQs ranging from 101 to 110 - this is the average IQ level that allows you to achieve certain heights, but you cannot count on special success. By the way, intellect lends itself to development, just as muscle mass can be pumped up, just as you can engage in fitness for the brain.

IQ level 91 to 100

If you passed the test, and the result was less than 100 points, do not be upset, because this is the average for a quarter of the population. People with such indicators of intelligence study well in school and universities, they get a job in the field of middle management and other specialties that do not require significant mental effort.

IQ level 81 to 90

One tenth of the population has a level of intelligence below average. Their IQ test scores range from 81 to 90. These people usually do well in school, but most often do not receive higher education. They can work in the field of physical labor, in industries that do not require the use of intellectual abilities.

IQ level 71 to 80

Another tenth of the population has an IQ level of 71 to 80, which is already a sign of mental retardation to a lesser degree. People with this result mostly go to special schools, but they can also graduate from regular elementary school with average marks.

IQ Level 51 to 70

About 7% of people have a mild form of mental retardation and an IQ level of 51 to 70. They study in special institutions, but they are able to take care of themselves, and are relatively full-fledged members of society.

IQ level 21 to 50

About 2% of people on Earth have a level of intellectual development from 21 to 50 points, they suffer from dementia, an average degree of mental retardation. Such people cannot learn, but they are able to take care of themselves, but most often have guardians.

IQ level up to 20

People with a severe form of mental retardation do not lend themselves to training and education, have a level of intellectual development of up to 20 points. They are under the care of other people, because they cannot take care of themselves, and live in their own world. There are 0.2% of such people in the world.