What is the name of the disease of jokers

At first glance, this is fun. A patient with a neurological disorder with the German name witzelsucht is a godsend for a boring company! He laughs, jokes sparklingly, sarcastically, plays on words with puns, and ... all this goes on endlessly.

This disorder is associated with damage to the orbitofrontal region on the right side of the brain. The orbitofrontal region is responsible for personality and behavior: traumatize it on the left - and you get an irritable, sullen and depressed character. Damage to the right will give the society the "soul of the company" - a person who is constantly in high spirits, cheerful and funny.

But, unfortunately, witzelsucht brings more problems than joy, especially to those around. A 56-year-old man developed this disorder from a stroke. In addition to the euphoria of life, witzelsucht also gave him hypersexuality. Jokes and puns of obsessive-erotic content quickly dispersed all potential sexual partners from him.

After a brain injury, a 57-year-old woman decided to change her life: every day she threw parties at which she joked inappropriately about personal hygiene. Soon the guests stopped coming to her.

Among other things, witzelsucht deprives the patient of the ability to perceive other people's humor. On comedy films, he sits with a stone face and waits for the film to end in order to make a good joke about him.

Witzelsucht cannot be cured with modern medicine. You can only alleviate the condition with behavioral therapy or mood stabilizing drugs.