Interesting facts about the movie "Old New Year"

The comedy by Naum Ardashnikov and Oleg Efremov "Old New Year" was based on the play by playwright Mikhail Roshchin, which was written in 1966 and was successfully performed on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater. Moreover, most of the artists involved in the theatrical production were also involved in the filming of the film. The premiere took place on January 1, 1981. At the beginning of the film, for the first time, the song "It's Snowing", written by Sergei Nikitin to the words of Boris Pasternak, sounded. By the way, Oleg Efremov defined the genre of "Old New Year" in a somewhat unusual way - a semi-comedy.

11 interesting facts about the movie "Old New Year"

  1. Despite the fact that the film is set in winter on the night of January 13-14, when two Moscow families celebrate the Old New Year, the shooting took place in the summer in order to have time to complete it by the New Year holidays. Only some of the winter episodes were filmed later, just before the comedy was released on screens. The summer part of the work was completed in record time - only two weeks.
  2. The painting "Old New Year" has taken its rightful place in the list of favorite New Year films by the audience. Director Naum Ardashnikov made another film in 2005, the heroes of which celebrate the New Year. The comedy "Kill a Carp" was released, but it could not compare in popularity with the work of the director of the early eighties.
  3. The roles of schoolchildren Fedya Poluorlov and Liza Sebeikina went to young actors Valentin Karmanov and Anastasia Nemolyaeva. Nastya then acted in films more than once, and later took up the design business. But after the filming ended, Efremov handed over to Valentin Karmanov one of the copies of the film script, on which he wrote: "To accept the bearer of this to the acting department without entrance exams." But, Valentin did not take advantage of the recommendation of the famous director, he did not become a professional actor, he preferred to go into business.
  4. One of the most colorful figures in the picture is pensioner Ivan Adamovich, played by Evgeny Evstigneev. His phrases such as "Events with people, events ..." or "I am always with the people" quickly became popular throughout the country. At the same time, little is known about Adamych himself, although he is a kind of connecting link between the intelligent Poluorlov family and the Sebeikin hard workers.
  5. In the comedy "Old New Year" Georgy Burkov played the role of Peter Sebeikin's father-in-law, played by Vyacheslav Innocent. It was possible to create the illusion of a difference in their age only thanks to the skill of the make-up artists. They were almost the same age, Burkov was born in 1933, and Innocent a year later. During filming in 1980, Georgy Burkov was only 47 years old.
  6. At the end of the picture, men, tired of the night scandals with their wives, drive past the Ruslan store on Smolenskaya Square, then along Gogolevsky Boulevard. Every Muscovite, connoisseur of baths, understands that they are going to the famous Sandunovsky baths, which were opened in the city at the very beginning of the 19th century. But, in fact, the shooting took place not in Sanduny. And even film critics and Moscow scholars find it difficult to say where exactly.
  7. There is an assumption that the shooting took place in the Central Baths or simply the scenery was made at Mosfilm. It was not possible to send the actors to the Sandunov Baths, probably because of the busy schedule of this institution. For example, during the filming of the equally famous comedy "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath", the bath scenes had to be imitated in the Mosfilm pavilion. But in the car, getting out of the bath, the heroes of the "Old New Year" really got into the Zvonarsky Lane, where the Sanduns are.
  8. There is a female statue in the bathhouse next to the pool. Observant viewers could notice her in more than one domestic film. For example, in the pictures "Office Romance", "Formula of Love", "Vassa" and others. For a long time, the statue was kept at Mosfilm as a prop, and in 2015 it was returned to where it was taken from many years ago - to Vorontsovo Pole in the Vandyshnikova-Banza estate.
  9. Actor Pyotr Shcherbakov (accordion player Gosha) had a chance to appear with this statue twice. In Eldar Ryazanov's comedy "Office Romance", she stood next to the workplace of the head of the catering department, Pyotr Ivanovich Bubulikov, in the role of which Shcherbakov also starred.
  10. Actor Alexander Kalyagin recalled that in order to stage a rather sharp play "Old New Year" on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater, Efremov even had to use a trick. When the repertoire was approved, the director included it in the list following the patriotic play "Steelworkers" about the life of the advanced workers of the Urals. This is how the play about the rebellious intellectual Pyotr Poluorlov entered the repertoire of the Moscow Art Theater "unobtrusively".
  11. In what year do the heroes of the picture celebrate the Old New Year? As you know from the plot, the next day was Saturday, January 14th. There was such a coincidence in 1978. And before that - in 1967. But, at that time, the VAZ plant had not yet been built, respectively, and Poluorlov could not have a car produced there.