Interesting facts about the group "Laskoviy May"

The legendary group "Laskoviy May" was organized on December 6, 1986 at boarding school # 2 in the city of Orenburg. It was organized by the head of the music group Sergey Kuznetsov. It was hard to believe that it would take only a few months and the whole country would learn about the boys from the orphanage. But, at that time, the new musical group had a more modest task - to prepare a concert for the New Year.

It cannot be said that the members of the group, and at first there were three of them (Sergei Kuznetsov, Yura Shatunov and Slava Ponomarev) thought for a long time about the name of their team. The concert took place on December 30, several minutes were left before going on stage, and no one knew how to introduce the musicians. Kuznetsov in a hurry suggested: "Let it be" Tender May. "Neither he himself, nor his comrades liked the name, said what came to mind. But, as it turned out, the group remained with the name" Tender May ".

In early 1987, Sergei Kuznetsov realized that concerts in his native Orenburg alone cannot gain great popularity. Then he recorded all the songs of "Tender May" that were available at that time on one tape and took them to a friend in a sound recording booth. These kiosks were incredibly popular in the Soviet Union in the late 1980s. The "advertising move" turned out to be successful, after a couple of months the group began to be invited to different cities of the country.

Soon the group has a producer - Andrei Razin. Hearing once a recording of children from the boarding school in Orenburg, he realized that with this group it was possible to conquer even Moscow. Thanks to him, "Tender May" was able to break even on Central TV. By the way, he also found an original way to promote his band's songs to the masses. I negotiated with the conductors of long-distance trains so that they would include the songs of "Tender May" in the carriages.

There were rumors that Andrei Razin is the nephew of Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev himself, therefore, all the doors are open to him. Andrei Alexandrovich himself rejects such rumors, although he really did meet with Gorbachev: Razin's adoptive grandmother Valentina Mikhailovna Gosteva worked as a cook for the mother of the General Secretary in the village of Privolnoye. And Razin also claims that during the years of perestroika he was much more popular than Gorbachev.

No other group could compare with the popularity of "Tender May" at that time. On the day I had to give several concerts, which were held with full houses. In addition, "fake" musical groups, pretending to be "Tender May", toured all over the country.

Not every musical group can boast that it has its own newspaper. But "Tender May" had its own printed edition with the same name. The official price of the newspaper was 20 kopecks, but fans who could not buy it for this amount were ready to overpay several times. In addition to news about the popular ensemble, the newspaper published news from different countries.

The busy touring schedule of "Tender May" left practically no time for study. But, Yuri Shatunov graduated from school with "4" and "5". A teacher worked with him, and once a month Shatunov took tests at school. In June 1990, he received a certificate of graduation from the Moscow boarding school No. 24. By the way, Shatunov did not immediately become interested in music: in early childhood, he was more interested in hockey and karting. Several times the boy escaped from the boarding school.

The lives of many members of the "Tender May" group ended tragically. Mikhail Sukhomlinov was killed in December 1993 at the entrance of the house on Kantemirovskaya Street, where Yuri Shatunov lived. Yuri Barabash died in a car accident in September 1996. Arvydas Jurgaitis burned down at the dacha during a fire caused by a cigarette not extinguished. Yuri Gurov was driving a car with a friend and died from a head-on collision with a KamAZ. This is not a complete list.

Affectionate May's fees were comparable to those of Michael Jackson. According to Razin himself, the studio "Laskoviy May" earned more than 18, 000, 000 (Soviet!) Rubles. Moreover, a significant part of this amount was transferred to orphanages. And the salary of the group members was about 1, 500 rubles a month. About 10 times higher than the national average.

Ten years ago the film "Tender May" was shot. Yuri Shatunov was invited to the premiere of the picture, who, after watching, said that he did not recognize himself in this film. The role of Yura Shatunov was played by 17-year-old Sergei Romanovich from Tomsk. After that, he became a real "star" in his hometown.

Why did the group break up? Yuri Shatunov suggested that in childhood everything was easier, they did what the adults said. Then the young participants of "Tender May" matured and realized that the time had come to live their own minds. Shatunov himself, after leaving "Tender May", left for Germany.