Interesting facts about the film "Adventure of Electronics"

In the sixties of the twentieth century, there was a real boom in robotics in the Soviet Union. People dreamed that the time when robots would work for them was just around the corner. In the wake of this popularity, the young Soviet writer Yevgeny Veltistov wrote a series of works about Electronics, a robot boy who was an exact copy of the Soviet schoolboy Seryozha Syroezhkin. The first story "Electronic - a boy from a suitcase" was published in 1964 and won the hearts of schoolchildren in the USSR.

And in 1979, director Konstantin Bromberg began filming a three-part film "The Adventures of Electronics" based on the works of Veltistov. Initially, it was assumed that Elektronika and Syroezhkina would be played by one boy, but later the director decided that it would be better to find twins for these roles.

It turned out to be not at all easy, the candidates had to be like two drops of water. In addition - to be able to play the guitar, sing well and dashingly drive a moped. After a long search, Yura and Volodya Torsuevs, students of the 23rd Moscow school, were approved. According to the recollections of the members of the film crew, they have already become the 386th pair of twins, who were looked at as candidates.

Initially, Yura was entrusted with the role of Electronics, and his brother Vladimir was supposed to play Syroezhkin. But, Konstantin Blomberg was unhappy with their game. Soon the director found a way out - changed roles, and everything went the way he wanted.

True, new problems soon arose - the boys grew up quickly, and they had to order new stage costumes. In addition, their voices began to break, therefore, they were voiced by Irina Grishina (Syroezhkin) and Nadezhda Podyapolskaya (Elektronik). The songs were performed by Elena Kamburova and Elena Shuenkova.

The shooting, which took place in Odessa, lasted eight whole months. So that the young actors did not lag behind in their studies, they were assigned to one of the local schools. We can say that during this time the guys have matured significantly: they lived in a hotel and received a salary.

The viewers, of course, will remember another colorful hero of this film - the brute and bully Makar Gusev. This role was played by Vasya Modest. They found him quite by accident, he studied in one of the Odessa boarding schools. Despite the fact that the teenager was predicted in the future as an actor, he decided otherwise - he entered the nautical school. By the way, none of the children who starred in this film became a serious actor.

On March 23, 1980 the premiere of the film took place in the cinema hall of the sanatorium "Ukraine" near Odessa. And in May it was shown on television. Despite the fact that almost forty years have passed, the film about the adventures of Electronics is one of the most popular in our country. According to the Russian Reporter magazine, this film ranks 42nd in Russia. By the way, on the 41st line - "War and Peace" directed by Sergei Bondarchuk.

It was rumored that at the beginning of the new century, director Konstantin Blomberg, now living in the United States, planned to film the continuation of the adventures of Elektronik and Sergei Syroezhkin. Only the action should have already taken place in our days, and the main characters, who have already matured, will again be played by the Torsuev brothers. To the chagrin of the audience, the project never came to fruition.