Interesting facts about the painting "Hunters at Rest"

Interesting facts "Art" Interesting facts about the painting "Hunters at Rest"

  1. The famous Russian artist Vasily Grigorievich Perov painted the painting "Hunters at Rest" in 1871. The artist himself was a passionate hunter and fisherman, therefore, many of his canvases are devoted to his favorite themes.
  2. The painting "Hunters at Rest" is perhaps one of the most famous in Russian painting. Despite the fact that it caused a lot of controversy among critics. Some admired the "Hunters", others found a lot of inaccuracies. So, for example, M.E.Saltykov-Shchedrin reproached the painter for the fact that the characters look unnatural and too theatrical.
  3. The plot of Perov's pictorial work is simple: three hunters are talking during a halt. One of them, the oldest, enthusiastically tells some kind of hunting story, the young partner listens so attentively that he even forgot to light a cigarette in his hand. And the third character of the picture only laughs incredulously at the narrator.
  4. It is interesting that each of the heroes of the picture has its own real prototype. The narrator is copied from the doctor Dmitry Kuvshinnikov, who was really keen on gun hunting. In addition, he also became the prototype of Dr. Dymov, the hero of Chekhov's "Jumping".
  5. After the painting gained fame in Russia, Kuvshinnikov became popular not only among physicians. Famous artists, actors and writers often visited his house. Later, the young writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov also met Kuvshinnikov.
  6. An attentive listener - a young doctor Nikolai Nagornov. At the time when he posed for Perov for his painting, Nagornov was only 26 years old. Later, his daughter recalled that he was a close friend of D. Kuvshinnikov and often went hunting with him.
  7. Another doctor and amateur artist Vasily Bessonov is depicted as a skeptic. He is also well acquainted with Kuvshinnikov, but he was older than Bessonov and had long been accustomed to the “fables” of his elder comrade, therefore, he listens, laughing, scratching himself behind his ear.
  8. The popularity of the painting did not pass even in Soviet times. All over the country one could find millions of copies of "Hunters". Her image was transferred to carpets, postcards and even candy wrappers. And in 1956 in the USSR the brand “Hunters at the Halt” was issued.
  9. For a long time there were rumors that Vasily Grigorievich Perov painted not one picture "Hunters at Rest", but three. There was reliable information about two of them: the first, written in 1871, is kept in the Tretyakov Gallery. The artist wrote the second author's copy in 1877, and it is in the State Russian Museum. But the location of the third picture could not be found for a long time. Only in 1984 it became clear that it was exhibited in the museum of the city of Nikolaev (Ukraine). A careful analysis confirmed that this is not a copy, the painting, indeed, belongs to Perov's brush.
  10. For the artist himself, his passion for hunting ended tragically: one day he caught a bad cold, as a result of which he developed tuberculosis. Vasily Grigorievich Perov died in 1882 at the age of 48.