Interesting facts about Hollywood

In the suburbs of Los Angeles, holly grows in abundance - a shrub from the holly family. There is so much of it that the area is called Hollyleaf Forest. Or, in English, Holly wood. It was this forest that gave the name to the world famous center of the film industry.

Until the end of the 19th century, farmers lived here, who were attracted by fertile lands. On the site of the legendary film studio, there were fields, pastures and fruit groves.

One of the founders of the "dream factory" was Louis Bart Mayer, a native of Minsk, which was part of the Russian Empire at that time. Film historians find it difficult to name the exact date of his birth: some documents indicate 1884, others - 1885. And Mayer celebrated his birthday on July 4, the Independence Day of the United States.

In 1921, the famous actor Charlie Chaplin challenged Mayer to a boxing match. The reason for the quarrel was Chaplin's divorce from his first wife, actress Mildred Harris. The divorce proceedings turned out to be scandalous. But, producer Meyer continued to indicate the name of Harris-Chaplin in the credits. The ex-husband was furious and challenged Mayer to a fight. True, both of them did not have a heroic physique.

The producer managed to knock the actor down, after which Mayer announced that he was a fan of Charlie Chaplin's talent and offered to remain friends.

The term "Hollywood smile" appeared thanks to the dentist Charles Pinkus in the thirties of the last century. In order to make the teeth of movie stars snow-white, Pincus developed special ceramic onlays and received the title of "Star Dentist" - almost all Hollywood stars used his services.

In 1927 the first full-length sound film "The Jazz Singer" was released. His shooting cost a grandiose amount for that time - 422, 000 dollars. The length of the motion picture is 89 minutes. True, it was possible to insert soundtrack into some films before, but it was short - no more than 10 minutes.

The highest grossing director in Hollywood is Steven Spielberg. The total gross of his films exceeds $ 9 billion. And Steve Paul became the youngest director of the "dream factory". Paul made his first film, Love Again, in 1980, when he was only 20 years old.

In 1969, Arnold Schwarzenegger's cinematic career began. The young bodybuilder starred in the film Hercules in New York. True, in the credits, Arnold had a different surname - Strong. Director Arthur Seidelman decided that the name Schwarzenegger was too complicated. And Arnold was not able to speak in his own voice - he had a strong German accent. Therefore, I had to duplicate his few replicas.

Many Hollywood stars have Russian roots. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio's grandmother was born in Perm. And her surname is very common in our country - Smirnova. After the revolution, her family moved to Germany, and in the early fifties to the United States. The actor himself claims that his grandfather was also Russian, which means that Leonardo has exactly half of Russian blood.

Steven Seagal has also stated more than once that his paternal grandfather was born in Russia. Several years ago, Stephen received the citizenship of the Russian Federation.