Interesting facts about the TV series "Santa Barbara"

What do we remember about the nineties of the last century? "Rampant" of democracy, crime, delayed wages. And, of course, the cult television series Santa Barbara, during which the streets were empty, housewives dropped everything and sat in front of the TV, shedding tears, watching the adventures of the heroes of the endless series.

The first episode of "Santa Barbara" was released in the United States on July 30, 1984. American viewers were able to see 2, 137 episodes. This saga ended only in 1993. And in our country, everything was just beginning: Russian viewers joined in on January 2, 1992, and, moreover, immediately from episode 217. Why not from the beginning remains a mystery. By the way, we did not see the last 97 episodes either, the rating of the film dropped dramatically.

18 directors and 21 screenwriters worked on the film. Probably no one will dare to name the exact number of actors involved in the series. For example, 6 actors starred in the role of one of the main characters, CC Capwell, and Lloyd Bochner was advertised in the announcements, but he could not star in the series itself due to heart problems.

The very idea of ​​the series belongs to the spouses Bridget and Jerome Dobson. Bridget was a professional screenwriter, and her husband, who was involved in gardening, at first only helped her to the best of his ability. But, then I got carried away and took to work in earnest. And they had to work "in a Stakhanov way", giving out up to 100 pages of typewritten text a day. But their titanic work was not in vain: in total, the writers earned about $ 30 million.

Viewers from 38 countries of the world could watch Santa Barbara. Moreover, not only in the USA and Europe. The broadcasting rights were purchased, for example, by Pakistan and Nepal. Surprisingly, the show was less popular in the United States than overseas.

According to the script, the action of the film takes place in the resort town of Santa Barbara, but, in fact, the shooting took place in Hollywood. In 150 kilometers from the world center of the film industry, indeed, there is the city of Santa Barbara, and in total there are 21 geographical objects with this name in the world.

Naturally, in the Russian box office the heroes of "Santa Barbara" speak Russian. Actors from St. Petersburg under the direction of Dmitry Rozhdestvensky dubbed the American stars. Moreover, they did it so successfully that even the creators of the series recognized the Russian "voice acting" as the best of all.

It is unlikely that any of the viewers drew attention to the teenager who played the cameo role of Mason Capwell in childhood. And this young actor was Leonardo DiCaprio. At that time he was only 14 years old.

Even American President Ronald Reagan was one of the fans of Santa Barbara. Moreover, he got so carried away that he confused the fictional world of cinema with reality. When, according to the script, the heroine of the series Augusta Lockridge got into a car accident, Reagan sent her a letter in which he wished a speedy recovery.

You'd think Santa Barbara was the longest television series in the world. This is not true. The record holder entered in the famous Guinness Book of Records is another creation of American cinema - the series "Guiding Light". He appeared on screens in the United States for 57 years - from 1952 to 2009. During this time, 18, 262 episodes were filmed.