Interesting facts about the movie "Diamond Arm"

The film "The Diamond Arm" is one of the highest grossing films in the history of Soviet cinema. By the number of viewers who watched it on the screens of cinemas, it is second only to the films "Pirates of the XX century" and "Moscow does not believe in tears."

The idea to write the script came to Yakov Kostyukovsky after reading an article in one of the newspapers about how smugglers smuggled jewelry in plaster. By the way, the original script was called Smugglers.

Andrei Mironov was not immediately established for the role of Gesha Kozodoev. The director of "The Diamond Hand" Leonid Gaidai planned to shoot Georgy Vitsin, but then took the risk and invited the young actor Andrei Mironov.

A lot of time was spent on the shooting of the episode where Semyon Semenovich Gorbunkov fell at the pharmacy, stepping on the watermelon rind. The fall didn't look natural. Then another actor got down to business - Leonid Kanevsky, who succeeded the first time. Therefore, only the legs are visible on the screen.

But the role of the bearded bruiser, who asked Semyon Semyonovich to smoke in the underpass, quite accidentally fell on the journalist of Ogonyok Leonid Pleshakov. He came to Yuri Nikulin for an interview. The director, seeing such a colorful man, invited him to play a tiny role in exchange for an interview. The episode was filmed in Moscow on Leninsky Prospekt.

During the filming, most of which took place in Adler, the whole city spread the news that Yuri Nikulin had died. The information turned out to be a "duck" - the cleaning lady found among the scenery the "corpse" of the actor, who was just a dummy. It is this dummy that falls out of the trunk of a car from a great height.

Volodka Trynkin, with whom one of the visitors to the Weeping Willow restaurant confused Gorbunkov, was not a fictional character - that was the name of the director's classmate Gaidai.

The car "Volga" GAZ - 21 ("Taxi to Dubrovka"), starred in many domestic films. For example, this very car was stolen by the noble robber Yuri Detochkin in the film "Beware of the car". Now "Volga" - a veteran is in the museum "Mosfilm".

At the very end of the film, the hero of Yuri Nikulin is firmly hit on the head with a crane hook. This is not a staged trick, everything happened completely by accident, and the actor himself was seriously injured, and even had to suspend filming.

Before watching the film by a high commission, Gaidai went for a little trick: he installed a nuclear explosion in the final of the picture. The representatives of the State Film Agency had many complaints: too bold remarks from actors, political jokes. Gaidai asked only one thing - cut out what you want, but just don't touch the explosion. But, the commission still insisted that he be removed from the film. True, in the heat of discussions, I did not notice many sharp jokes.