Kinolapy in Soviet films

We all, of course, love our good old Soviet films very much. Even in spite of the fact that sometimes funny "bloopers" happen in them. Here are just a few of them.

The irony of fate - the photo with the artist Y. Yakovlev falls, and Nadia raises the photo with O. Basilashvili.

In the movie Big Break, a player wearing a red uniform breaks the rules during a football match. The referee assigns a penalty kick, which is also hit by the player in red.

In the painting by Vladimir Menshov "Love and Doves" Vasily works out in the gym in a blue tie. True, according to the plot of the film, he and Raisa Zakharovna buy this very tie later.

White sun of the desert - Said's shadow shifts on its own

In the most popular New Year comedy "The Irony of Fate" Nadezhda teaches Russian language and literature at school, but says the phrase: "I forgot to wear a dress!" Should she not know what, according to the rules of the Russian language, one should say “put on”?

In the film "The Diamond Arm" Anatoly Papanov had to sit for a long time in cold water, planting fish for Yuri Nikulin. But the takes were unsuccessful. Outraged Papanov shouted to the operator: "Idiot!" Despite the fact that the phrase did not fit into the script, Leonid Gaidai decided to leave it. And the audience thought that the curse was addressed to Andrei Mironov.

Office Romance - Vera's manicure disappears.

Tsar Ivan the Terrible, during interrogation in the film "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes his Profession", names his date of birth - 1533 from the birth of Christ. A funny inaccuracy - the future king was born a little earlier - in 1530. And in 1533 his father died, and the young heir was proclaimed ruler.

The opening scene in the film "Operation" Y "and other adventures of Shurik" - the main character falls under the pouring rain. But when Shurik gets on the bus, his jacket is completely dry.

Love and doves - the handkerchief is tied

And in the comedy "Prisoner of the Caucasus or Shurik's New Adventures" the heroes have to face a wild bear face to face. But, for some reason, he was wearing a collar.

Unforgettable Grigory Ganzha from “Big Change” gets a work injury - a burn of his hand. Here are just a bandage in the course of the film turns out to be on the left, then on the right hand.

How did the heroes of the film "Gentlemen of Fortune" manage to escape from prison? That's right - we got into the car with the solution. The trousers could not even be broken with a stone. But panties and T-shirts for some reason turned out to be dry and clean. By the way, when the assistant professor gets a kick in the cell, the shoe mark was already noticeable: it was left from the previous takes.

Our favorite cartoons have not avoided some inaccuracies. For example, in the cartoon "Winter in Prostokvashino, " Uncle Fyodor and his father are repairing an old "Zaporozhets" right in a city apartment, while the shape of the breast changes in different editions of the mother.