Interesting facts about the movie "Pretty Woman"

The film "Pretty Woman", filmed in 1990, remains one of the most beloved and popular films today. The story of the modern Cinderella - the prostitute Vivian - and the modern prince on the Lotus Edward became one of the highest grossing films in the history of cinema. Filming "Pretty Woman" cost the producers $ 14 million, while the film grossed a whopping $ 464 million at the box office.

By the way, it was originally planned to call the film "$ 3000" - that is how much Edward paid for Vivian to spend a whole week with him. The first version of the plot was also very different from what happened as a result - it was originally planned to shoot a social drama about prostitution, and its main character was not to be a charming "pretty woman", but a call girl who uses cocaine. The money received from her benefactor after a week spent together, the heroine dreams of spending on the fulfillment of her dream - a trip to Disneyland. The realization of this dream, and should have been the ending of the film.

Molly Ringwald, Meg Ryne and Daryl Hannah were invited to play the role of the prostitute Vivian. They all turned down the role of "pretty woman", fearing that the role of a prostitute would negatively affect their image and further career development, and the film itself would not be successful. Similar fears were, however, not only among Hollywood actresses, but also among the world famous automobile concerns. Porsche and Ferrari refused to provide their cars for filming, fearing that viewers would have the wrong associations with these brands. As a result, in the opening scenes of the film, Edward drives around in the private car of Pretty Woman producer Nancy Gross - in a Lotus Esprit sports car. After the film hit the big screen, Lotus Esprit's sales tripled.

Richard Gere also did not immediately become the performer of Edward Lewis' swarm. Before him, Christopher Reeve and even Al Pacino himself auditioned for this role. When it came to Richard Gere's turn, he agreed to take part in the film right away and got down to business with enthusiasm, but after the first day of filming, the director approached Richard Gere and whispered to him: “No, Richard. One of you is acting in this film. And the other is not. Guess which of these two are you? "

Interesting facts about Pretty woman

Edward leads Vivian to the Italian opera. The film features an aria from Verdi's opera La Traviata, based on the story of a courtesan who fell in love with a rich man. At the end of the film, Edward performs a love serenade for Vivian to the soundtrack from La Traviata. The aria was specially arranged for the film.

Despite the sufficient budget for the film by the standards of that time, the producer managed to save a little: the red jacket worn by Vivian at the very beginning of the film cost only $ 30. It was bought from a usher in one of the Hollywood cinemas right before filming began.

In the scene where Vivian is revisiting the old series I Love Lucy, Garry Marshall had to tickle Julia Roberts' feet to make her laugh properly.

The necklace, a gift from Edward Lewis, was indeed worth $ 250, 000. During the filming of the necklace scenes, an armed security guard at the jewelry store that provided the jewel stands behind the director at all times.

In the official poster for Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts only owns the head, which has been computer-attached to the body of another actress, Shelley Michelle. Also, Richard Gere's hair was computer processed - on the poster he is a burning brown-haired person, while in the film it is noticeable that Edward Lewis has already begun to turn gray.

Very often, the authorship of the song from "Pretty Woman" is mistakenly attributed to Elvis Presley. But the song "Oh, pretty woman" was written by Roy Orbison and brought its author not only fame all over the world, but also a Grammy statuette for "Best Male Pop Vocal Performance".