Interesting facts about tattoos

The word "tattoo" came to us from the Polynesian language, in the Tahitian dialect the word "tatau" means a drawing. This word was introduced into the English language by the outstanding English traveler James Cook. He used it in a report on a trip around the world, published in 1773.

Among the ancient Slavs, tattoos were worn mainly by women. Drawings on the skin were the ritual amulet of the keeper of the home.

For many tribes, the tattoo serves as a war paint, the Majori tribes from New Zelendia wear mask-like tattoos on their faces - Moko. These tattoos on faces in the form of amazing plexus patterns serve not only as war paint, but also as an indicator of valor and social status of the owner.

Jean-Baptiste-Jules Bernadotte, Marshal of France and King of Sweden, died on March 8, 1844. In preparation for embalming, an inscription tattooed in French was found on his arm: "Death to kings!"

John F. Kennedy removed his tattoo only at the insistence of his wife (he had a turtle on his shoulder), and Winston Churchill had an anchor tattoo. By the way, in 1900 it was found that 90% of the sailors of the US Navy have tattoos. Turtle means the sailor has crossed the equator.

In some cases, the tattoo served as a punishment, in the Japanese province of Chukuzen of the Edo period "1603-1867" as a punishment for the first crime, a horizontal line was applied across the forehead, for the second - an arched line, and for the third one more. As a result, we got a composition that makes up the hieroglyph INU - translated as “dog”. In ancient China, one of the five classic punishments was also a tattoo on the face. slaves and prisoners of war were also marked with a tattoo, thereby making it difficult for them to escape and facilitating identification. In our century, during the First World War, in Britain with a tattoo "D" of snowstorms of deserters, in Germany, victims of concentration camps were tattooed in the form of numbers.

In Japan, until the year 500, tattooing the body was the privilege of emperors, later it turned into decorative art. However, over time, tattoo art has become a symbol of the underworld. In ancient Japan, a person with a tattoo was persona non grata: he was expelled from the family and society, doomed to complete isolation. On the body of criminals, tattoos were usually done in a conspicuous place and could even tell which prison they were serving their sentence in. Over time, it has become a hallmark of the yakuza.

For Japanese geishas, ​​a tattoo was considered one of five proofs of love. The other four are cutting your hair, writing a love vow, cutting your nails, and finally cutting your little finger.

The Catholic Church is by no means against tattoos. Converting natives to their religion, Catholics made new converts tattoos in the form of a cross or crucifix so that they could not convert to another faith. There are now over one hundred officially registered Christian tattoo associations that offer tattoo services with biblical stories and canonical texts. If desired, the tattoo can even be consecrated.

In the British royal family, tattoos have been approved since 1862, when the future King Edward VII got himself a cross-shaped tattoo on his arm. Prince Charles also had a tattoo, but he brought it together shortly before his wedding to Diana. Almost the entire body of the English king Harold had tattoos of scenes of military battles.

The story of the wittiest tattoo ever. During the Vietnam War, an American conscript tattooed himself with two indecent words on the edge of his right palm. HER was visible only when he saluted, so he was not taken into the army.

Every German soldier in the SS division had a blood type tattoo on the left armpit. After the surrender of Nazi Germany, the allies caught the SS men in the filtration camps with the help of an external examination - the symbols of the drawings applied to their bodies betrayed them with their heads.

The most "tattooed" person in the world is Lucky Diamond Rich from New Zealand. His body is completely covered in tattoos, including the lobes and inside of the ears, the skin between the fingers, the eyelids and the foreskin.

The most decorated among women is the striptease actress Christine Colfull (Canada). 95% of her body is covered with tattoos. It is noteworthy that it took her 10 years and 15, 000 Canadian dollars for this.

Victoria Beckham makes tattoos in the form of the names of people dear to her on her, sorry, butt. There is already a tattoo with her own name, the name of her husband and first son. She recently got a tattoo on her other buttock with the name of her second son. By the way, they say that Victoria wants to leave show business and have five more children.

When a tattoo is removed with a laser or other means, scars are left that are larger than the size of the tattoo to be reduced due to the destruction of the skin. This is due to the fact that the pigment of the implanted tattoo is located in the subcutaneous fat, below the renewed layers of the skin. In fact, getting rid of a tattoo means losing a piece of tattooed skin. That is why it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons before getting a tattoo.