Tree Troll in honor of his father

Kim Beaton (artist from Seattle) in 2006 assembled a team of 25 people who agreed to help her create a 12-foot sculpture of the Tree Troll. Kim used only environmentally friendly materials in her work. The troll should have received a kind, pleasant face. It was inspired by the artist's late father, a woodcutter from Montana.

In 15 days, Kim Beaton's team created this unique sculpture made of papier-mâché (an easily molded mass made from a mixture of fibrous materials (paper, cardboard) with glue, starch, plaster, etc.), wood, metal plates and other non-toxic materials. The result is an incredibly realistic figure. The face immediately evokes a disposition, and the beautiful blue eyes catch the viewer's attention. It is believed that trolls are not very friendly creatures, but the wooden troll Beaton is an exception. He's special. Kim says: “My father died a few months before he was eighty years old. On June 2, at 3 am I woke up with a clear and distinct vision. I saw my father sitting in the middle of the forest, saw him old and withering, and gradually he turned into one from large forest trees. I jumped out of bed, grabbed the materials that were at hand, and began to make a model of the future sculpture, while it was in front of my eyes in all the details. After 40 minutes I had a rough workpiece, and I already knew that I need to do more. ”I started phoning my friends the next morning with a request to help me create a new unique art object. I made an order for the materials I needed, and having received them on day 6, my team and I got down to work. After 15 days our Tree Troll was ready. Never in my life have I worked so quickly and so productively. "

The troll traveled through Seattle for nearly two years, performing in markets, parades and fairs, providing everyone with excitement and interest for both young and old. A Bellagio casino spokesman spotted the sculpture at the Midsummer Parade in Fremont. From that moment on, the Tree Troll has been decorating the casino premises for 2 and a half months a year before Thanksgiving. During this time, visitors to the casino, which is about 250 thousand people, can admire and be inspired by the amazing image of this stunning sculpture.