Interesting facts about pistachios

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  1. Pistachios are harvested in August, and nuts are stored for no more than a year, therefore pistachios purchased in spring may not please with their taste or be very salty, manufacturers oversalt them to extend the shelf life of the nut.
  2. Iran and the USA are the world leaders in pistachio production.
  3. One pistachio with peel weighs on average 1.5 grams, when it is removed, the weight is reduced to 1 gram.
  4. The pistachio tree is harvested at night. The fact is that in the sun, pistachios release essential oils that can poison the pickers.
  5. World Pistachio Day is celebrated on 26 February, and there are even monuments to this nut in Turkey and Spain.
  6. Pistachio grows on a small tree, but the roots can go up to 15 meters deep, this is due to the fact that the tree grows in arid tropical regions.
  7. Red pistachios do not exist in nature. Importers simply add dyes - red and sometimes a richer green - to hide imperfections in the kernels and make them look more attractive.
  8. The point is that pistachios are rich in fiber. And this helps, even with minor snacks, to saturate the body and relieve the painful feeling of hunger.
  9. Pistachios contain more potassium than other nuts, which helps to slow down the production of the stress hormone cortisol.
  10. Pistachio contains substances called phytosterols that can lower the level of bad cholesterol in the body and thereby reduce the risk of cancer.
  11. Like walnuts, pistachio grows on tree branches in a soft shell, which is removed immediately after harvest, and then dried in the sun.
  12. In terms of iron content, pistachios are not inferior to beef liver. 100 g of pistachios contain 3 daily norms of this trace element.
  13. Pistachio wood is used in carpentry, and resin is obtained from it for the production of varnishes. On the edges of the leaves of the pistachio tree there are galls - small swells, they are used in the leather industry and for the production of paints in the textile industry.
  14. In ancient times, the Persians used pistachios as currency.
  15. Pistachio is a relative of cashews, mangoes, poison ivy, poison oak and even peppercorns.
  16. It takes about 10-12 years for a pistachio tree to produce its first harvest. And it lives for over 400 years.
  17. A pistachio with a closed shell is sometimes found. It is often impossible to open it with your fingers. This is a sign that the inside of the nut is not yet ripe. Ready-to-eat pistachios have an open shell.
  18. Nobel laureates receive pistachios and champagne in honor of the prize.
  19. Pistachio in Iranian means “laughing nut”. She got this name because of the crack in the shell, which resembles a smile.