How Zhigulevskoe beer appeared

Back in 1880, the Samara City Council received a petition from an Austrian citizen Alfred von Wakano to provide him with a place for the construction of a brewery. It was on February 6, and already on March 15 of the same 1880, permission was received. From January 1 of the following year, von Wakano received a lease of a land plot on the banks of the Volga.

The Austrian annually had to contribute 1, 400 rubles to the city treasury, the lease period was 99 years. Alfred von Wakano led the construction of the new plant on a grand scale. Suffice it to say that the first power plant in Samara was installed at this brewery.

Already at the end of February 1881, the production of a hoppy drink began at the enterprise, and on March 4, an advertisement appeared in Samarskiye Gubernskiye Vedomosti, informing that the Alfred von Wakano brewery was selling Venskoye beer at a price of 1 ruble 5 kopecks for a bucket and Venskoye stolovoe »1 ruble 40 kopecks per bucket. Probably, in memory of his homeland, the Austrian named his beer "Vienna". It became "Zhigulevsky" after many years.

I must say that von Wakano was doing quite well. Having started beer production with 75 thousand buckets in 1881, by the beginning of the First World War, he was already producing two and a half million buckets a year. The plant's products were supplied to 60 cities of Russia.

On August 21, 1881, the charter of the "Association of the Zhigulevsky Brewery" was approved. Despite the fact that the plant itself was already called Zhigulevsky at that time, there was no beer with that name at that time.

After the revolution, the von Wakano plant was nationalized, and the owner himself and his family left for Austria, where he died in 1929. Zhigulevsky brewery became one of the largest in the Soviet Union.

It is believed that Zhigulevskoe beer got its name from the People's Commissar of the food industry Anastas Ivanovich Mikoyan. In 1934, he visited a brewery in Samara and asked why Soviet beer has a bourgeois name - "Venskoye"? The misunderstanding was cleared up and the beer was named Zhigulevskoe. In the Soviet Union, it was the most popular beer, brewed by more than 700 breweries in the country. In 1981, the Zhigulevsky brewery was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor in honor of the centenary of the enterprise.

After the collapse of the USSR, beer of this brand continues to be produced not only in Russia, but also in many republics of the former Soviet Union.