What foods are prohibited in the USA

Interesting fact: many foods are banned in the United States. Here is some of them:

You cannot sell Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs in the United States, but the fact is that since 1938, it has been legally prohibited in the country to put inedible items in food. And since "surprises" appeared on sale only in 1972, it turns out that the Americans have never seen them in their country.

For a long time, absinthe was banned in the States due to the content of wormwood, which, according to American doctors, is addictive to this drink. Therefore, absinthe was ranked as an organic drug, like cocaine. Now many varieties of absinthe are allowed, but they contain very little wormwood, therefore, these drinks cannot be considered real absinthe.

In 1989, the United States banned the national Scottish dish - haggis. This is a mutton stomach stuffed with the giblets of a sheep. Americans believe that the lungs of this animal, which are part of the dish, are dangerous to human health. True, there is talk that haggis may be allowed again, many Scots live in the United States, for whom it is a traditional dish.

You can't eat pig's blood cake in America. The dish is not aesthetically pleasing and unsanitary.

Puffer fish is very popular in Japan. But her internal organs are very poisonous. One milligram of poison is enough to kill 30 people. For this reason, fugu is banned in many countries around the world. Since 2002, the ban has been in effect in the United States. However, you can try this exotic in the country, but only cooks with a special license should cook it.

It is forbidden in America to eat meat grown in other countries. All meat products must be prepared from their own, home-grown, raw materials. But any horse meat is prohibited, including local production.

Vegemite chocolate spread is prohibited due to its high folate content and excessive sweetness.

Energy drinks are very popular in the world. But in the US, beverages containing both caffeine and alcohol are prohibited by federal law. According to experts, power engineers mask the signs of intoxication, as a result of which the likelihood of alcohol abuse increases.

Non-alcoholic champagne is also prohibited in the States. It is believed to confuse shoppers and also contains sodium cyclamate, a substance banned in the United States back in 1969.