Who invented the Korean carrot

You will be surprised to know that the Korean carrot is completely unknown in Korea. And this dish was invented in the USSR thanks to the ingenuity of our citizens who grew up during the time of deficiency.

It was based on the traditional Korean dish kimchi - cabbage with spices. However, since in the USSR, the Peking cabbage required by the recipe was difficult to get, they began to add carrots to the dish. Over time, carrots completely replaced cabbage, and only carrots with spices remained.

So who invented this dish? Most likely, when at the beginning of the last century, the USSR deported Koreans living in the Far East to Central Asia, their cuisine (before that did not differ much from the cuisine of the northern provinces) underwent considerable changes. Unable to get the Peking cabbage needed to make real kimchi, Soviet Koreans tried different substitutes, and eventually settled on carrots and garlic. This is how everyone's favorite dish, Korean carrot, appeared.