Why onions are useful

People say that the bow is from seven arcs. Everyone has long known that onions are very useful, but often our knowledge about this is limited to the fact that onions can be used for respiratory diseases. Yes, onions contain phytoncides that kill pathogens, but this is just one of its beneficial properties.

Did you know that onions contain more sugars than apples and even pears? If you often go on diets, do not rush to eliminate this vegetable from your diet. Onions are also a great fat burner. There is even a special onion diet, during which it is recommended to eat onion soup every day.

Onions contain a lot of iron, especially in green feathers, and it is not necessary to eat it raw for this iron to enter the body. If the onion is stewed, boiled or fried, nothing will happen to the iron. It is especially beneficial for people with low hemoglobin to eat onions along with the liver.

Onions are a storehouse of nutrients. It contains essential oils, vitamins (especially a lot of vitamins B and C), iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, fluoride, sulfur (the culprit of the pungent odor), flavonoids, glukinin (a natural herbal remedy that lowers blood sugar ).

Onion activates metabolism, stimulates the work of the hematopoietic and digestive organs, helps to cleanse the blood, remove excess fluid from the body. Also, onions are used for cosmetic purposes: a mask made from it activates hair growth, softens and cleanses the skin.

To strengthen the immune system and not get sick in the cold season, it is recommended to eat half an onion a day. It is best to add it to salads and other dishes, but those who wish can eat it just like that. In this regard, the question arises: what to do with the smell from the mouth, which will accompany after the eaten head of onion? Fortunately, this can be easily dealt with by eating a piece of fresh parsley, or a burnt crust of bread, or toasted nuts. Now you can safely go on a date.

Onions serve as a pain reliever for wasp stings. To do this, you must immediately rub onion juice into the bite site. In case of ear inflammation, onions can also be used to relieve pain: 3 times a day for half an hour, apply a compress to the ear from steamed finely chopped onions wrapped in gauze. Such compresses are also used for abscesses, inflammations, and long-healing wounds. Fresh onion juice is an excellent remedy for rheumatic pains, edema, hair loss, shingles, dandruff. To do this, you need to rub the problem area with it.

Among other things, onions have anti-cancer properties due to their quercetin content. Great hopes are pinned on this property in the prevention of cancer.