How dangerous is fast food

The habit of doing everything "on the run" is one of the hallmarks of our time. Constant time pressure leaves no chance even to have a full lunch! And here, by the way, it is impossible, by the way, to have instant food: soups, cereals and noodles from bags. Brewed with boiling water - got a hot lunch. Delicious and nutritious. But is it useful? Not! This is junk food! Are quick noodles that good?

Instant noodles are one of the most popular foods in the world. According to statistics, every minute four people pour boiling water over this Japanese invention. It is interesting that initially they gnawed noodles like a dry snack, then they began to fry in oil and pack them. And the chemical industry helped to increase the shelf life of the product.

Modern noodles have a "rich" composition: in addition to flour and water, flavorings, preservatives, flavor enhancers and dyes are "mixed" in the dough. And therefore, "enjoying the taste" in time will inevitably turn into problems with the gastrointestinal tract. But even more harm to fast food than in the noodles themselves lies in the bags of fat and spices that are always present in the package.

Puree and powder soup

A glass of instant mashed potatoes or soup is a double threat.

Firstly, the packaging itself is dangerous, in which we usually dilute the powder with boiling water. Most often, it is made of polystyrene, which, in contact with hot water, begins to release substances harmful to the body - styrenes. Regularly eating soup or mashed potatoes from such a dangerous dish, a person runs the risk of "earning" serious problems with the liver and kidneys. And if you really can't refuse instant mashed potatoes or soup, then at least brew them in an ordinary plate or mug.

Second and most unpleasant: mashed potatoes and sachet soup are more than 50% artificial. Flavor enhancers, colorants, thickeners, preservatives and flavors, guar gum, which is harmful to the intestines ... Even the taste of meat in instant soup is achieved through additives and monosodium glutamate. And mashed potatoes also contain modified starch (not always potato).

In addition, dry food is a dehydrated product that is prepared by the drying method, that is, food with an altered cellular structure. Long-term use of any dehydrated foods leads to diseases of the digestive system.

So that you can quickly prepare a plate of oatmeal, manufacturers do not put whole grains in bags, but flattened grains and flakes that have undergone a preliminary heat treatment and are distinguished by an increased ability to absorb moisture.

Perhaps instant porridge is the safest product among dry, harmful fast foods. The simpler its composition, the better: ideally it should be cereals and pieces of fruit. And the more all kinds of "E-shek" are indicated, the worse, naturally. It is better not to eat such cereals, and even more so not to give them to children.

That's how fast food is: it saves our time, but it takes away our health. But is the former more valuable than the latter? .. The harm of fast food is enormous - why risk your health?

Prepare better cutlets for the whole week and boldly snack on them!