Interesting facts about beer

Zhigulevskoe is the most popular beer in the USSR. It was produced by more than 700 breweries in the country.

The inventor of the modern beer stopper is the American William Painter. He received a patent for his product on February 2, 1892. Over time, the appearance of the cork has hardly changed. Only the number of teeth has decreased from 24 to 21.

At the beginning of the XX century. in Russia beer soup "limpopo" has become very popular, which was made from sweet and sour bread, and instead of water, beer was added to the soup. This soup is widely used among beer lovers.

Beer has a lower calorie content than Coca-Cola, apple juice, fruit drinks that have added sugar, not to mention milk. And beer lovers grow older from consuming chips, nuts and other snacks accompanying beer.

Among German monasteries, the Benedictine Order was the first to receive the right to brew beer in the town of Weihenstephan in 1040. In the 17th century, the monks wanted to drink beer during Lent, for which they sent a messenger with a keg of the drink to the Pope. However, the journey dragged on, and towards the end the beer turned sour. After trying it, the Pope said that such nasty stuff can be drunk even during fasting, and gave the necessary permission.

For the first time, the German beer festival Oktoberfest took place on October 12, 1810 in honor of the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Teresa of Saxony-Hildburghaus.

The first canned beer appeared in the United States in 1935. It was released by the Kruger Beer Newark Company.

Jack Manakau from New Zealand died while trying to set a new beer record after drinking 77 beers.

A monument to Tuborg beer was erected in Copenhagen. A hydraulic lift is installed inside the 26-meter bottle, with the help of which visitors climb to the top of the monument, from where a magnificent view of the capital of Denmark opens.

Excessive beer consumption can lead to addictions such as beer alcoholism.

The ancient Egyptians drank beer through a straw, as they did not know how to filter it.

Beer is the third most popular beverage in the world (after water and tea) and the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world.

On June 22, 1977, Steven Petrosino from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA drank 1 liter of beer in 1.3 seconds. This record has not yet been broken.

On August 9, 1994, the Party of Beer Lovers was registered in Russia. In the elections to the State Duma of the second convocation in December 1995, lovers of the foamy drink received 428, 727 votes.

Australian brewery Nail Brewing Company made 30 bottles of beer from Antarctic ice. The beer was auctioned for $ 800 a bottle, and the proceeds were donated to a whale protection fund. By the way, Soviet polar explorers who spent the winter in Antarctica were prohibited from drinking beer.

The Norwegian Jan Solberg has collected the world's largest collection of beer labels - about 350, 000 pieces.

In the 13th century, the Czech Republic had a "mile rule" according to which breweries could not be closer than one mile from each other.