Interesting facts about milk

Most historians believe that the use of milk as a drink began around 10, 000 years ago, when animals were first domesticated.

From 10 liters of milk, you can make a kilogram of cheese.

An interesting fact, milk is more expensive than gasoline in many countries of the world.

Milk is 85-95 percent water. The rest of the volume consists of nutrients, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Milk was first packaged in paper bags in 1964.

Milk froths due to its protein content.

Prior to the development of milking machines in 1894, farmers milked about six cows per hour. Today the average farmer milks over 100 cows per hour.

Milk pasteurization began in the late 1800s, which helped to avoid many epidemics.

Goat's milk breaks down during digestion in 20 minutes, while cow's milk only takes an hour.

Goat's milk contains more fat than cow's milk.

Different breeds of goats produce milk that tastes differently.

Goat's milk is the main ingredient in cheeses such as Feta, Caprino and Rocamadour.

An interesting fact, during long voyages in the Middle Ages, sailors took goats on board to drink fresh milk.

It is interesting that camel milk does not sour for a long time. It contains six types of fatty acids, high levels of insulin and antibodies, which are good for regulating diabetes and other diseases.

Unlike cow's milk, camel's milk is easy to digest. It also contains more vitamin C than cow's milk.