Which country can be rented

The authorities of Liechtenstein, a small European country with a population of 35 thousand people and an area of ​​160 square meters, took a rather extraordinary step. km. It is this country that can be rented for a day, but quite wealthy tourists can afford it. For only 70 thousand dollars a day, and this is the cost of such pleasure, each person has a unique opportunity to feel like a real monarch.

The rental price includes comfortable accommodation for 150 guests and the possibility of introducing your own currency and road signs. The list of royal pleasures also includes enjoying the dizzying scenery of the Alps and plains, visiting ancient castles, interesting excursions around the city of Vaduz, exciting sledding, skiing and snowboarding trips, tasting fine wines from the royal cellars and, of course, festive fireworks. But if the newly-made monarch wishes an individual coat of arms and a solemn procession, then this will require additional investment.

Reservations are made at least 6 months before the estimated date of arrival and in case of cancellation, the penalty is 50% of the prepayment.