Interesting facts about amber

Did you know that the people have laid down a wonderful legend about amber? There lived a young fisherman Kastytis in Lithuania. He sailed far into the sea and before him appeared the beautiful Jurate, the daughter of the king of the sea, dancing in the waves. The gods from heaven on Jurat, who fell in love with a simple fisherman, were angry and destroyed her dwelling - a magical amber castle. Since then, pieces of amber thrown out by the waves - fragments of the walls of the ruined castle - have been found on the seashore.

Science, naturally, explains the appearance of amber differently. Many millions of years ago, where the waters of the Baltic now stretch, there were high dense forests. The climate was different then - hot. In hot times, liquid resin rolled from coniferous trees onto dead wood. The petrified "tears" of the trees, turned into amber, are now throwing out waves.