Interesting facts about waves

During a storm, waves exert pressure from 3 to 30 thousand kilograms per square centimeter. Surf waves sometimes throw rock fragments weighing up to 13 tons to a height of 20 meters. Throughout the west coast of France alone, the energy of one shock of the wave corresponds to a power of 75 million kilowatts. Scientists are thinking about how to subdue this power to man. In France, it is planned to build a giant "tidal" hydroelectric power plant with a dam 18 kilometers long. The capacity of this power plant is expected to be increased to 12 million kilowatts. Interestingly, as a result of the construction of a "tidal" hydroelectric power station, it is believed that the Earth will slow down its rotation around its axis by one day in 2 thousand years.

It is curious that at great depths in the ocean waves up to 100 meters high appear, but on the surface of the water these waves are invisible.

The highest tsunamis (the Japanese name for huge sea waves that are satellites of coastal earthquakes or earthquakes anywhere in the open ocean) are observed in the Pacific Ocean basin. Their height reaches 30 meters. Tsunamis penetrate about a kilometer inland. The Japanese, Aleutian, Hawaiian, Philippine, Kuril Islands and partly Kamchatka are susceptible to their invasion.