Interesting facts about river names

Near the mouth of the Yenisei is the now famous port of Igarka. It arose in the years on the site of the fishing camp, in which the hunter-fisherman Yegorka lived. The Nenets called him Igorka. Under this name - Igorka - a tiny settlement and was entered on the map. Subsequently, when the memory of this event was erased, the letter "o" in the name gradually turned into "a".

Yenisei is the Tungus word "enesi", which means "big water", converted into Russian.

In the Komi language, the word "ob" means "grandmother". This word is affectionate, like the Russian "mother" (we often say: mother-Volga). So the great Siberian river, the nurse of the peoples who lived on its banks, received the name Ob.

The name of the Amur River comes from the Mongolian word meaning "calm", "quiet". The river received this name for the majestic flow of the mighty waters.