Interesting fact about the colored river

Have you ever seen a colored river? Then look - this river is called the Cano Cristales and is located in the Colombian mountain range. It is undoubtedly the most unusual river in the world.

During the dry season, the river dries up and it is impossible to see anything, but when it rains, it flashes with all the colors of the rainbow. During the rainy season, the river displays a spectacular array of colors. Colors range from deep red, yellow and pink to blue and green. These colors can be attributed to mosses and algae that grow on the riverbed during the dry season.

During the rainy season, they collect enough moisture and color the water in unforgettable shades.

This attracts many tourists who come to see this extraordinary sight. However, as the mass of water increases during the rainy season, the colors gradually fade away. Therefore, if you wish to see this miracle, come immediately after the end of the drought.