Interesting facts about Murom

For the first time, Moore is mentioned in the "Tale of Bygone Years". It is believed that its name comes from the Finno-Ugric tribe Muroma, later Slavic tribes appeared here. The first appanage prince of Murom was Gleb Vladimirovich, in 1392 Murom became part of the Moscow principality, at that time it was a large trade center, merchants from different countries arrived here.

12 interesting facts about the city of Murom

  1. Prince of Murom Gleb Vladimirovich and his brother Boris became the first Russian saints canonized in the 11th century. Boris and Gleb became victims of an internecine war that erupted after the death of their father, Grand Duke Vladimir Svyatoslavich, in 1015. Power was seized by their half-brother Svyatopolk, his assassins eliminated possible competitors in the struggle for the throne.
  2. In 1552, before the campaign against Kazan, it was in Murom that Tsar Ivan IV held a review of his army, the Murom army took an active part in the battle on the Volga, made a significant contribution to the decisive victory. This event was marked by the construction of three new temples in Murom.
  3. Ivan IV ordered to build a cathedral church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos in the city over the relics of Saints Peter and Fevronia. They died in 1228 on the same day and at one hour, and each of them was at that time in his cell, shortly before their death, Peter and Fevronia accepted monasticism. It was decided to bury the deceased spouses in different churches, but in an incomprehensible way they ended up nearby. After such a miracle, they were buried together. On July 8, the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the Day of Peter and Fevronia.
  4. The village of Karacharovo is considered the birthplace of the epic hero Ilya Muromets. once the village was located on the outskirts of Murom, and now it is one of the microdistricts of this city. In 1999, a monument to the hero was erected in Murom. But, the right to be called the homeland of Ilya Muromets is disputed by several more settlements. For example, the city of Karachev in the Bryansk region and the village of Morovsk in the Chernigov region.
  5. Since ancient times, Murom has been famous for its kalachi. In the Scripture Book for 1556, it is mentioned that the manufacture of rolls in the city is done in eight courtyards. Even Catherine II, who once visited Murom, liked them. The treat made such an impression on her that the image of three rolls appeared even on the coat of arms of Murom, which was approved on August 16, 1781.
  6. And the son of Catherine, Emperor Paul I, was so delighted with the rolls that he immediately sent a courier to St. Petersburg with a responsible assignment - to urgently deliver the Empress a present, five rolls baked in Murom. Unfortunately, the unique technology of their manufacture has now been lost.
  7. At the beginning of the 17th century, the Murom gunsmith Nikita Davydov was famous throughout Russia for his products. The master was invited to Moscow to serve in the Armory Order. The young master underwent an internship in Constantinople, and after his return he made a ceremonial helmet for Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich. Currently, many of Nikita Davydov's works are kept in the Armory.
  8. One of the inventors of television, Vladimir Zvorykin, was born in Murom on July 17, 1888. His father, Kozma Andreevich Zvorykin, was a well-known person in the city, a merchant of the first guild. Kozma Andreevich was engaged in grain trade, had his own steamers on the Oka. In Murom, Vladimir Zvorykin graduated from a real school, after which he left to enter the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology. In 1919 he left for the USA, where he continued to work on the possibility of transmitting television images over a distance. Zvorykin lived 94 years, died in 1982, but he was buried far from his homeland, in the American city of Priston.
  9. On April 27, 1992, Belgian astronomer Eric Walter Elst discovered asteroid 10347. He named it after the ancient Russian city - Murom. Interestingly, there is an asteroid named after Eric Walter Elst himself, it was discovered in 1977 by Dutch astronomers.
  10. In 2003, a 10-ruble coin dedicated to Murom was issued in the "Ancient Cities of Russia" series. The artist A.S. Kunats and sculptor L. S. Kamshilov. The circulation of the coin is 5 million copies.
  11. In 2009, Alla Surikova filmed a sequel to her painting "The Man from Boulevard des Capucines". The new film was called "The Man from Boulevard des Capucines", and the action takes place not in the Wild West, but in the Russian outback. Johnny Fest's granddaughter Masha Fest comes here and plans to shoot a film here. And she chooses Moore as a place to work.
  12. In 2013, an Internet vote was held in Russia to identify the most beautiful bridge in the country. The winner was the bridge across the Oka, which connected two neighboring cities - Murom, Vladimir region and Navashino, Nizhny Novgorod. The bridge was opened on October 1, 2009, its capacity is 5 thousand cars per day.