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  1. Canada ranks second in area, behind only Russia. And, meanwhile, the name of this state is translated from the language of the local Indians as "village". Who would have thought that the village, over time, will turn into a huge country?
  2. Despite its large territory, the population of Canada is not large - about 36 million people. According to this indicator, Canada is not even included in the top thirty among all countries in the world. Suffice it to say that there are three times more inhabitants in Japan, although Canada is 26 times more in territory.
  3. The Vikings reached the territory of present-day Canada as early as the 10th century. This is confirmed by archaeologists who have found traces of Viking settlements from that period. And on the shores of Lake Winnipeg is a giant statue of a Scandinavian sailor.
  4. As you know, the maple leaf is the symbol of Canada. Moreover, not ordinary maple, but sugar. This tree grows only in North America. Maple syrup is produced from its juice. On average, the export of this syrup brings in $ 145 million to the Canadian budget annually. By the way, sugar maple makes excellent bowling pins.
  5. The small Canadian town of Saint Pole, located in the province of Alberta, is famous for its UFO landing site. It was built in 1967 and is a high concrete platform with a total weight of 130 tons. Despite the fact that not a single landing of interplanetary aircraft has been recorded, tourists from all over the world come here.
  6. Musicians are officially allowed to perform on the subway in Toronto, Canada. True, not everyone succeeds in this. The candidate must purchase a license that costs $ 150 and is issued for one year. But that's not all - it requires auditioning from professional experts and getting the approval of the commission.
  7. The national sport in Canada is, of course, ice hockey. Surprisingly, the Canadian national team was also the Olympic champion in football. Moreover, it happened in the very distant 1904 at the Olympics in St. Louis. The tournament was attended by only three teams - Canada and two teams from the United States. In this small company, the Canadians were stronger.
  8. Every Canadian who writes a letter to Santa Claus is guaranteed to receive an answer to it. Which, of course, is not written by Santa Claus himself, but by postal workers and volunteers. Canadians have to pay for such letters, but correspondence addressed to the Canadian government is financed from the state budget.
  9. In 1947, children's protest rallies were held in Canada. The reason was banal - the price of chocolate bars went up by 60 percent - from 5 to 8 cents. Children staged a demonstration with posters: "Don't buy 8 cents chocolate." I had to explain to young people that the rise in prices was caused by the rise in prices for sugar, milk and cocoa.
  10. In 1988, a Canadian ice hockey player received a prison sentence for fighting on the court. Minnesota North Stars striker Dino Cissarelli hit the opponent twice in the head. For which he was put on trial. Sissarelli was found guilty and received a minimum sentence of one day in prison. Plus a $ 1, 000 fine.
  11. Canadian beavers are the most industrious in the world. After all, it was they who built the dam in Buffalo National Park, the length of which was 850 meters. It is the largest beaver dam in the world.