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  1. Nigeria ranks first in the African continent in terms of population. The country is home to about 200 million inhabitants. Despite the fact that in terms of area it is not even one of the ten largest states in Africa. Over the past 60 years, the number of people in Nigeria has quadrupled.
  2. In total, there are over 500 languages ​​in the country. Most Nigerians are multilingual. Interestingly, the official language is English.
  3. Nigeria's rapid population growth is causing severe housing shortages. Therefore, houses built from plastic bottles are very popular in the country. This building material is practically free, as Nigerians throw away about three million bottles every day. The construction of a small house takes about 14, 000 pieces. Such dwellings are resistant to earthquakes, inside there is always a comfortable temperature. In addition, the problem of recycling plastic waste is being solved.
  4. Probably not many of our compatriots have watched Nigerian films. And in terms of the number of films produced, Nigeria ranks second in the world, behind India, but ahead of the legendary American Hollywood. About 200 films are released every month in Nigeria. True, the equipment used for filming is far from being of the highest quality. But, this does not prevent the country's film companies from receiving an annual income of US $ 250 million.
  5. Oil was discovered in the country at the very beginning of the 20th century. But, industrial production began only 50 years later. Nigeria is now one of the ten largest oil exporters in the world.
  6. The Yoruba people of Nigeria have a strange tradition. If a woman has twins, then the oldest of them is the one who was born later. He simply pushed his younger, and less powerful brother, so that he scout the situation.
  7. Many people on our planet have fallen for a scam called the "Nigerian Astronaut." The bottom line is this: an e-mail message comes from a certain Bakare Tunde, who tells a touching story: in 1979, his brother was sent into space at the Soviet station Salyut-6. When the Soviet crew returned to Earth, the poor African did not have enough space in the ship. So it has been in orbit for many years. Cargo ships deliver him food and water, but it is impossible to return him himself, huge funds are needed for a "rescue operation". And on the account of the cosmonaut himself, huge sums have already accumulated, because the salary is transferred to him regularly. After returning from space, he is ready to return several times more money to those people who will help him. There is no official information that any of the Nigerians went into space, but there are people ready to help the financially poor fellow.
  8. Nigerian track and field athlete Seun Adigun competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics in the 100m hurdles. A few years later, the athlete decided to drastically change her sports career and became interested in bobsleigh. So fortunate that in 2018 I made my way to the Winter Olympics. This was the first start for a Nigerian competition.