Interesting facts about Mongolia

Ulan Bator is the coldest capital in the world. It is located at an altitude of about 1300 meters above sea level. In January, temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius are common in the capital of Mongolia.

By the way, the name of this city is translated as "Red Bogatyr". Moreover, the city received its modern name not so long ago - in 1924. And it was founded in 1639 and was called Urga - "the palace of a noble man." In 1911 it was renamed Niislel khuree (Capital Monastery).

The country is about 1, 500, 000 square kilometers and has a population of less than three million. It turns out that the average population density of less than two people per square kilometer is the lowest among all countries in the world. Almost half of the total population of Mongolia lives in the capital.

Most people are sure that if you see a shooting star in the sky and make a wish, then it will definitely come true. But among the Mongols, a shooting star predicts a quick death. Therefore, they do not make a wish, but whisper a prayer.

In general, the Mongols are very superstitious. For example, if you accidentally step on another person's foot, you need to immediately shake his hand. Otherwise, you can become enemies. And you can't whistle in a closed room, so as not to provoke trouble on yourself.

Everyone naturally knows that the world's first socialist state was built in our country. And the second is in Mongolia. In 1924 Mongolia declared itself the People's Republic. It is interesting that for a long time the Soviet Union was the only country that recognized the independence of Mongolia.

One of the main attractions of Mongolia is the 40-meter statue of Genghis Khan. It is to the founder of the Mongol Empire that the largest equestrian monument in the world has been erected. And inside the pedestal there is a museum, among its exhibits you can see a 9-meter gutul, the national Mongolian boot. It is also the largest in the world. 22 cow skins were spent on sewing this unique product.

Nobody knows where Genghis Khan is buried. In Mongolia, there is a legend that several thousand people who were present at his burial were killed. And then the soldiers who killed the witnesses committed suicide so that there was no one to reveal this secret.

It is believed that Mongolian men have three worthy pursuits - horse racing, archery and wrestling. If a boy is born in the family, the parents dream of him becoming a great fighter. Beh national wrestling tournaments attract a huge number of spectators. By the way, despite the fact that the homeland of sumo is Japan, one of the strongest in this kind of wrestling is the Mongols.

The monetary unit of Mongolia is the tugrik. In turn, it is subdivided into 100 mungu, which are currently no longer in use. For a long time, money for Mongolia was made in the Soviet Union: banknotes at the Goznak printing factory, and coins at the Leningrad Mint.

Despite the fact that Mongolia is an ancient country, it does not remain aloof from scientific progress. Currently, every fourth resident of this state uses the Internet.