Mohawk Indians are not afraid of heights

The unusual Mohawk Indian tribe lives in the United States and Canada. This is the most numerous tribe of the Iroquois League - there are about 60, 000 representatives of the Mohawk.

Once on the reservation, the mohawks earned what they could - they hunted furs, rafted wood, and some even performed in the circus. In 1886, the representatives of this tribe had another opportunity to get funds for their survival - near the village of Konawaga in the province of Quebec, the construction of a railway bridge over the St. Lawrence River began.

Several Indians who lived in this village decided to be hired as auxiliary workers on the construction site. After a while, the builders noticed that the mohawk had no fear of heights at all - the experienced installers of high-rise structures, specially selected for such work, could not even compare with them.

For the Dominion Bridge company, which carried out the construction, this was a real godsend - there were always not enough workers capable of assembling structures at height, and they had to pay much more than ordinary workers. It is not surprising that after a while the company already employed 70 Indians who went to all parts of Canada and the United States.

In August 1907, a terrible catastrophe happened - the unfinished Quebec Bridge collapsed, dozens of workers died, 35 of whom were representatives of the Mohawk tribe. However, this did not frighten them, the number of Indians who wanted to work at high altitudes did not diminish, they seemed to demonstrate complete contempt for danger.

Soon, Mohawk Indians could be found at almost any high-rise construction site in the New World. They especially loved to work on emergency construction sites - here they were offered double pay. What is the secret of this unique Mohawk feature?

There are several versions. For example, the writer Edmund Wilson explained this by the fact that the Indians for centuries walked along narrow mountain paths, so their fear of heights disappeared. According to another version, the warlike mohawks simply hide their fear - after all, this is unworthy of a real man.

Some scientists believe that the whole point is in the treatment of mothers of this tribe with their children: babies are carried on a special back board, therefore, from the very birth they have a great vestibular apparatus.

At the end of the twentieth century, the world again heard about this tribe. In 1990, it was decided to build a golf course on the site of an ancient cemetery of the Mohawk people. Indignant Indians erected barricades, one of the policemen was killed in the clash. After lengthy negotiations, the government of Canada bought this disputed site and transferred it to the Indians.