The capitals of which state were two sheds

Let's start with the fact that the word "shed" means not only a wooden building, where all unnecessary trash is put. It turns out translated from Persian "barn" means a palace. This is the name of the medieval city, the capital of the Golden Horde. It was located about 80 km north of the modern city of Astrakhan in the area of ​​the village of Selitrennoye in the Kharabalinsky district of the Astrakhan region.

At the beginning it was a nomadic headquarters, but in 1250 Khan Batu founded a city on this place, which was later nicknamed Sarai-Batu, that is, "the palace of Khan Batu". Saray-Batu was inhabited by about 75 thousand people, the population was multinational, each ethnic group settled in its own quarter, with its own customs and even churches.

At the beginning of the XIV century, Khan Uzlbek moved the capital to another city, but despite this Saray Batu flourished for several more centuries, until in 1556 it was destroyed by Ivan the Terrible.

New Saray was founded by the Golden Horde ruler Berke around 1260, and under Uzbek Khan the capital of the state was moved there from Saray-Batu, and the city became known as Saray Al-Jedid (New Saray). Since 1361, during the Khan wars, the city passed from hand to hand of various pretenders to the Khan throne, and in 1395 it was destroyed by Tamerlane during his struggle with Tokhtamysh.

In 1402, the capital was rebuilt, but it could no longer achieve its former splendor and splendor. In 1471 Sarai was taken and plundered by the Vyatka ushkuyniks. The city was finally abandoned after the ruin by Prince Nozdrovaty-Zvenigorodsky in 1480 and the conquest by the Crimean Khan Mengli-Girey in 1502.

At the moment, scientists do not know exactly where the New Barn was located. According to one of the hypotheses, the city was located on the left bank of the Akhtuba, a branch of the Volga, near the modern village of Tsarev, Leninsky district, Volgograd region. According to another version, New Saray and Saray-Batu are the same city, which was simply renamed.