Interesting facts about Minsk

Minsk is the capital of the Republic of Belarus. The territory of Minsk is more than 400 km², and its population is more than 2, 000, 000.

Most likely, the name of the city comes from the Menka (Me) river, which was a tributary of the Nemiga.

Minsk is older than Moscow.

Minsk received the title of "Hero City" in 1974.

In Minsk, on the Island of Tears, a monument was unveiled to the Sons of the Fatherland who died outside its borders. An element of the memorial complex is the figure of an angel. Newlyweds come to touch his "belongings" to give birth to a boy. The sculpture is called "Weeping Angel".

The Minsk Botanical Garden occupies the third place in Europe in terms of area after the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew in London and the park in Madrid. The area of ​​the Botanical Garden is 96 hectares.

The oldest fountain in Minsk was opened in 1874 as a sign of the opening of a water supply system with artesian water. This composition has survived to this day. The "Boy with a Swan" fountain is located in the Alexander Square in the center of the capital.

Jubilee Square was named not in honor of the anniversary of the October Revolution, the Great Patriotic War and dates associated with the communist past, but in honor of the completely harmless anniversary of the Nicene (Ecumenical) Church Council, which was celebrated on a grand scale by all Catholics of the world in 1825. The square got its name in 1826.

67 days with fogs are celebrated in the capital on average per year. Thus, there are more foggy days in Minsk than in London - there are only 45 of them. 75% of Minsk fogs occur in the cold half of the year, and the most foggy month is November.

During the entire existence of Minsk, it burned to the ground 18 times.

At the University. M. Tank, a Foucault pendulum was installed in Minsk. There are only about 20 of them in the world.

And now interesting facts about MINCHAN. You can safely call yourself a Minsker if:

... if making an appointment at Moskovskaya, you specify whether it is a street or a metro station.

… If you leave for work when it's dark and return when it's dark too.

… If on City Day you are trying to get out of town.

... if you see a significant part of your colleagues only at corporate events.

... if you think that trying to pick mushrooms is useless within a radius of 40 kilometers from the city.

… If the prices in stores are automatically converted into dollars in your mind.

… If you are surprised by the lack of public transport after midnight.

... if you think that when it takes 40 minutes to get to work, then it is very close.

... if you go to the center, you plan in advance where and when to visit the toilets.

… If the question is "What is heard in the capital?" causes you persistent allergies.

... if the entire repertoire of songs in the genre of "chanson" is taken from minibuses.

... if you have 60 channels on your TV, but there is still nothing to watch.

... if your own children are the fastest way to reach you through social media.

... if you are happy about the news of foreign visits of the head of state, as there will be less traffic jams.

... if you know where Energosbyt is located.

... if the question "What is your salary?" you are lying in the direction of decreasing.

... if you do not know the names of the neighbors on the porch.

... if you are delighted when there is a parking space in the yard.

... if a trolleybus is allowed to your dacha.

... if you graduated from college and your children are from the same university.

… If your kids ride the same attraction in the park as you did as a child.

… If the first sea you visited is the Minsk one.

… If you have a glazed balcony or loggia.

... if you are wondering what nasty things the streets are sprinkled with in winter.

… If you say - Mosquitoes, Zhdany, Shariki.

... if you read this list, constantly repeating to yourself: "Yes, it really is."

And what interesting facts about Minsk do you know?