Few facts about China

China is a very peculiar country with its own laws, traditions and way of life. The largest state in the world in terms of population; ranks third in the world in terms of territory, behind Russia and Canada.

The most difficult is the Chinese language, it is one of the oldest languages ​​that is used today.

The most important holiday in China is Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year. It falls on different dates of February according to our Gregorian calendar.

More than 500 species of bamboo grow in China, forming 3% of all forests.

In China, not only gunpowder was invented, but also toilet paper, a compass and a seal.

Most of the people in China rent an apartment. Buying an apartment for residents is expensive, not everyone can afford, even take out a mortgage.

Products marked "made in China" can now be found all over the world, the country in the XXI century has become a "world factory". The world's largest exporter, China dominates in terms of export volume of over 100 types of products. China produces more than 50% of the world's cameras, 30% of air conditioners, 25% of washing machines and about 20% of refrigerators.

The Great Wall, or, as the Chinese call it, the Long Wall, stretches for 8851, 8 km through the whole of North China

Unlike European countries, the color of mourning in China is not black, but white.

Long nails were considered in China a sign of nobility and high status. Men and women grew their nails, often wearing special gold and silver patches that visually lengthen their fingers, and at the same time protect the nail plates from breakage.

There are many capsule houses in China. People rent apartments of 4.5 square meters. People with low incomes live in them.

Ping Pong is one of the most popular games in China.

There are two main languages ​​in China: Mandarin and Cantoni and several dozen dialects. Moreover, at times, Chinese people from different regions do not understand each other.

The Chinese lunar calendar is the oldest in the world. It consists of 12 zodiac signs and was created in 2006 BC. One calendar cycle takes 60 years.

China grows 60% of the world's mushroom assortment.

Most children in this country have crickets as pets. They love to arrange fights between them.

Many Chinese people do not have a kitchen in their apartment. Bath and toilet are mostly shared by several apartments.

The Chinese mostly work hard. But they have a special time - from 12 to 14 o'clock they have lunch. And during this period of time they have time to eat and sleep. There is nothing surprising in the fact that if you come to any office and see an employee sleeping at the workplace. It's okay for them.

It is not customary for the Chinese to dine at home.

The Chinese, unlike the Russians, never swear on the road. They react very calmly to any shouts, insults and other discontent, without showing aggression or negativity. Therefore, there are almost no accidents in China.

In China's stores, there are about 70% of products that foreigners do not know. Therefore, it is very difficult to find something familiar besides meat. Also, the stores sell not only chicken, beef and pork, but also dog meat.

The Chinese make fur coats from cats. In general, the Chinese are taught from childhood to have a cold-blooded attitude towards animals.

In China, almost every house has two cafes and a hairdresser.

The Chinese do not actually drink strong alcohol. You can't find whiskey, cognac or vodka on the menu. Mostly beer. But it is not customary for them to just drink beer after work.

Women in China do not smoke, which is very rare. But 90-95% of men smoke.

Women value white skin very much, so they do not tan and try to hide from the sun.

100 surnames in Chinese, of which 20% are people with the surnames "Wang" and "Li".

The death penalty in this country applies to everyone. There was a case when the Minister of Health was even executed.

In Chinese multi-storey buildings, mainly residents are allowed to enter using an electronic key through a turnstile.

On average, 117 boys are born for every 100 girls in this country.

In fact, only a few receive pensions in China, but it is very small. Children and grandchildren should take care of the elderly. They have it that way.

Chinese leave from 2-5 days. And we are supposed to be 28.