Interesting facts about the USA

USA or the United States of America, everyone on this planet has heard a lot about this country. She constantly attracts a lot of attention. So here are some interesting facts about the United States.

  1. Of 100% of Americans living in a household, 48.5% receive government benefits in various forms. Although in 1983 it was only 30%.
  2. You won't believe it! Every 7 American has more than 10 credit cards!
  3. Every day, Americans use nearly 25 million liters of water to bathe.
  1. Since Barack Obama became President of the United States, one family share of the state. debt increased by $ 35, 835.
  2. The US debt has increased more than $ 4 billion per day since the inception of the Obama administration.
  3. American families today receive more government revenue than they pay the government in taxes.
  4. Since 1978, college tuition has increased by more than 900%.
  5. Another fact follows from this: absolutely two-thirds of all college students are graduates with credits.
  6. Are you complaining that people are not employed in our specialty? Here's where to complain: there are over 100, 000 street cleaners in America who have graduated.
  7. Weed is much easier to find in the United States than pomegranate juice.
  8. Who's complaining about our mosquitoes ??? You know that their flies bite more than mosquitoes.
  9. The cheapest cigarettes in New York cost $ 10 a pack.
  10. One of the scary indicators shows that every year more than 300 thousand adolescents in this country suffer from sexually transmitted diseases.
  11. Men in this country are more likely to die from suicide than women.
  12. Trash and scrap was in 1st place in terms of exports to China as of 2010.
  13. According to statistics, men live twice as much with their parents than women.
  14. One in six Americans falls into poverty.
  15. Surprisingly, Americans spend more money on dogs than on children.
  16. Of all the cities, coffee is the most loved and drunk in Buffalo.
  17. The number of people who receive food stamps has increased by 74% since 2007 and today more than 45 million people are receiving them.
  18. Therefore, the next fact is that one in four children in America feeds on stamps.
  19. Did you know that about 50% of millionaires in this country buy a car for no more than $ 25, 000. And 20% of millionaires have never bought more than $ 20.
  20. In several states in the United States, traffic police always carry 2 gallons of Coke in their patrol car to flush blood off the highway after an accident. In addition, it is used for cleaning sewers, rusty bolts and stains from car bumpers, batteries and engine in a car, etc.
  21. Lastly: It's hard to find an American in America.