The most interesting facts about Singapore

Interesting facts "Cities and countries" The most interesting facts about Singapore

  • Singapore today is a developed city-state, a capital and a republic at the same time, but only 50 years ago this country was considered one of the poorest, and most of the inhabitants sympathized with the communists. Local political leader Lee Kuan Yew took power into his own hands and, with a handful of patriotic saratniks, brought order to the country.
  • Singapore is an island nation that consists of a main island 137 km from the equator and 63 small islets. The main island has an area of ​​about 714 km2. sq. and it is constantly increasing thanks to the land reclamation program.
  • From Singapore to Malaysia, there are two dam bridges and fast ferries to the major islands of Indonesia. A vacation in Singapore can be combined with a trip to Indonesia. For example, take a ferry to the popular resort of Fr. Bintan is only 45 minutes away. A public bus will take you to Malaysia in 10 minutes.
  • The press in Singapore is censored. Writing about sex and politics is prohibited.
  • Singapore has a tourist, economic and sleeping area, separated from each other by a beautiful 5 km wide green lawn.
  • Along with Monaco, Singapore is the most populous country in the world. The population density is over 6, 500 people per square kilometer.
  • The port of Singapore is one of the largest ports in the world, and in many respects it holds the first place.
  • From February 15, 1942, Singapore belonged to Japan until the defeat of Japan in September 1945. Singapore gained its independence in 1965, being in such a deplorable state that even fresh water and building sand had to be imported.
  • Singapore has an estimated population of 4.5 million. Among them, 78% are Chinese, 14% are Malays, 7% are Indians and 1% are Europeans. There are about 400 Russians here.
  • Singapore has 4 official languages ​​- English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. The local English is simplified in many ways and is called "Singlish", but it is still understandable. At school, subjects are taught in English, so for the residents of Singapore it has become like a second native.
  • 40% of the population profess Buddhism, 14% Christianity and Islam, there are also adherents of Confucianism, Hinduism and other religions.
  • The crime rate in Singapore is one of the lowest in the world, while the laws in Singapore are quite harsh, some crimes lead to punishment with canes. For particularly brutal murder and drug trafficking, the death penalty is imposed by hanging. Between 1991 and 2004, 400 death sentences were carried out, one of the highest in the world. Disrupting public order in Singapore is very ruinous. For spitting on the ground, smoking in a public place, for throwing garbage in the wrong place will be fined $ 500, the same fine is imposed even on water left in saucers under flower pots after watering, as it attracts mosquitoes.
  • Gay Land already seems to surpass the famous red light district in Amsterdam. Engaging in this ancient profession is legalized and brings a lot of money, and the number of girls working there is more than 10, 000 according to official figures alone.