Who created the Alaska flag

In 1926, Governor George Parks persuaded the American Region of Alaska to announce an open competition among children in grades 7-12 for the best design of the state flag. The project of a 13-year-old Indian boy, Benny Benson, was voted the best. It was accompanied by the words: “The blue field represents the Alaskan sky and the color of the forget-me-not, the flower of Alaska.

For this, Benny received $ 1, 000 in training grants, which by those standards was a very decent amount. The blue flag depicts the constellation Ursa Major and the North Star. And since the Polar Star is one of the stars of the constellation Ursa Minor, we can safely assume that two bears are depicted on the flag of Alaska. In 1927, the flag was adopted as the official symbol of the Territory of Alaska, which became a state on January 3, 1959.