Interesting facts about China

An interesting fact, China is the fourth largest country in the world.

The Chinese calendar dates back to 2600 BC. and is represented by animals, which symbolize twelve months. The Chinese had an advanced system of astronomy as well as mathematics, which laid a solid foundation for their beliefs and traditions.

The Great Wall of China is also known as the "Wall of Ten Thousand Li", one Li is equal to 500 meters. The Great Wall is one of the 7 world wonders. The great wall can be seen

human eye from space.

The Chinese civilization is 4, 000 years old China and it is the oldest living civilization on Earth.

The longest river in China is the Yangtze.

Did you know that China is among the world's largest cotton producers and Silk production has been an important part of the Chinese economy for thousands of years.

Paper was invented in China around 105 AD by the eunuch Ts'ei Long.

Hugging a tree is strictly prohibited in China.

China is a cycling kingdom. China produces 60% of the world's bicycles.

Shanghai is the third largest of the four governed municipalities of the People's Republic of China after Chongqing and Beijing.