Interesting facts about bamboo

It is a well-known fact that bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. In one hour, bamboo can grow by 2-3 centimeters. But, this is on average. Biologists say that at certain times the plant can grow up to 1 meter per hour.

Bamboo has a very strong, but at the same time, light wood, therefore, since ancient times, it has been used for the construction of houses, bridges, rafts, the manufacture of weapons and musical instruments. In the Chinese town of An-Lan, a bamboo suspension bridge was built in the third century AD and is still in operation. It is the oldest bamboo structure in the world.

By the way, the term "bamboo wood" is used quite often, although bamboo is actually grass (!), And not a tree.

The fiber made from bamboo provides excellent UV protection. Through such a fabric, harmful rays penetrate 450 times less than through cotton clothes.

The panda, or bamboo bear, belongs to the class of carnivores, but feeds mainly on bamboo. In one day, an adult animal eats up to 30 kg of shoots. If bamboo plantations die, the pandas face death by starvation.

Bamboo blooms only once in a lifetime. The spectacle, of course, is beautiful, but it does not bring much joy to the planters. The flowering process itself takes so much energy from the roots that most of the plants die. The easiest way to avoid blooming is to prune the shoots regularly. This is not dangerous for the plant, new shoots soon appear in the place of the saw cut.

Even in our computer age, bamboo finds new uses. For example, the company "ASUS" has established the production of notebooks, the body of which is 85% bamboo and 15% plastic. Such a case does not break when dropped, and is also capable of absorbing static electricity.

In 1947, the legendary Norwegian traveler Thor Heyerdahl set out with his team across the Pacific on the Kon-Tiki raft, deciding to prove that even in ancient times people could reach Polynesia from South America. The Norwegian also used bamboo as a material for his raft. 9 large balsa logs were covered with bamboo mats. The raft hut was also made of bamboo.

In 1998, Costa Rica hosted the World Bamboo Congress. For this event, the French pilot Michel Abadi made an unusual aircraft: a single-seat biplane, the main building material for which was bamboo. The wingspan of the biplane is 9 meters, the device is capable of speeds up to 120 kilometers per hour. Only the engine, fasteners and brakes were made from bamboo.

At one time in Japan and China, bamboo was used as a torture. The person sentenced to execution was hung over a sharply sharpened bamboo stalk. The escape in several hours passed through the body, causing terrible torment.

There are more than a thousand types of bamboo in the world. Moreover, bamboo does not always grow in hot climates. Some species are able to withstand severe frosts and grow even at an altitude of 5, 000 meters above sea level.