Interesting facts about the argan tree

The argan tree is little known outside Morocco because it only grows in the southwest of the country and the number of argan trees is declining.

The tree can reach a height of 8-15 meters, and has a twisted, gnarled trunk, allowing goats to climb over it for leaves and fruits.

When goats eat fruit, the pulp is digested, but the grains are excreted in the feces. Later, the nuts are harvested by local farmers and used to make argan oil.

From hundreds of kilograms of fruits, only 5 kilograms of nuts and only one liter of argan oil are obtained.

Argan oil can be used for cooking and has various medicinal properties: it lowers cholesterol levels, stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the body. Argan oil tincture with honey is used by Moroccan men as a Viagra.