Interesting facts about the Cheops pyramid

Interesting facts "Structures" Interesting facts about the Cheops pyramid

  1. It is difficult to name the exact dates of the beginning and the end of the construction of the Cheops pyramid, its approximate age is about 4, 500 years. True, the Egyptians themselves celebrate the "Birthday of the Pyramid of Cheops" on August 23rd. Moreover, this holiday appeared not so long ago - in 2009. The governor of Giza province said that the date for the start of construction (23 August 2470 BC) was calculated by a special group of researchers, using serious sources for this. The construction of the pyramid took about 20 years.
  2. Not everyone agrees on this date. For example, the Arab historian Abu Zeid el Bahi believed that the age of the Cheops pyramid is more solid - about 73, 000 years. He refers to some ancient inscription. And the Russian scientist Sergei Proskuryakov assured that the pyramids were built by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.
  3. For several millennia, the Cheops pyramid was the tallest man-made structure on Earth. Its original height was about 147 meters (now it is 138, 75 m). Only in the XIV century AD in the English city of Lincoln was built the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary with a height of 160 meters.
  4. It is believed that the main architect of the Cheops pyramid was the famous architect of Ancient Egypt Hemuin, who was also the nephew of Cheops himself. Hemuin was awarded the honorary title of "Pharaoh's Construction Site Manager." He did not manage to live until the end of the construction of the pyramid, he died shortly before the completion of the work.
  5. The famous ancient Greek historian Herodotus wrote about the Cheops pyramid in the 5th century BC. He reported that this grandiose structure was built during the reign of a pharaoh named Cheops, about 100, 000 people worked on the construction site. Despite the fact that the pyramid bears the name of Cheops, the pharaoh himself was not buried in it.
  6. More than 2, 000, 000 limestone blocks were used to build the pyramid. For greater strength, it was faced with granite on the outside. The slabs were perfectly polished and matched to each other, there are no gaps between them. The average weight of each slab is about 2.5 tons. And the total weight of the structure is 5, 000, 000 tons. Until now, it remains a mystery how the huge blocks were delivered from the quarries to the construction site. There is not even a consensus about the builders of the pyramid. Some historians claim that slave labor was used, others are sure that the pyramid of Cheops was erected by hired workers.
  7. Another secret is the mortar used to hold the blocks together. Researchers have never been able to establish its exact composition. When the solution cooled down, it became stronger than the blocks themselves, it was not afraid of strong winds and the scorching sun.
  8. At the end of the 18th century, Napoleon Bonaparte visited the Cheops pyramid during the Egyptian campaign. On this expedition, he was accompanied by no less than 175 scientists. One of them, Edmé-François Jaumard, carefully measured the pyramid. He also became the author of the first scientific description of the Egyptian pyramids.
  9. The Pyramid of Cheops is included in the classic list of the Seven Wonders of the World. At the same time, the pyramid is the only structure from this list that could survive to this day. Even with serious losses.