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  1. The Statue of Liberty was conceived as a gift from the French people to the United States of America for the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, which was celebrated in 1876. Moreover, France undertook to make the statue itself, deliver it to the United States and install it. But the task of the Americans was to prepare the pedestal. The project required huge funds, therefore, fundraising went on both sides of the ocean. For this purpose, France and the United States held various auctions, theatrical performances, sports and collecting donations from patrons.
  2. The statue was completed in the summer of 1884. Naturally, it was simply impossible to deliver it in its entirety across the Atlantic, therefore, it consisted of 350 parts, which were packed in separate boxes. On July 17, 1885, the French frigate Ysere delivered a gift to New York.
  3. Many people ask the question - who was the model for the Statue of Liberty? There is no consensus here. Some argue that this was the mother of the sculptor Frederick Bartholdi, others are sure that the sketches were made from the widow of the famous inventor Isaac Singer - Isabella Boyer.
  4. There is also an assumption that copper for the manufacture of the monument was ordered from the Demidovs' factories in the Urals. The first years the Statue of Liberty shone in the sun, but then the natural oxidation process of copper began, thanks to which the monument acquired its famous shade of green.
  5. In our country, this monument is usually called the Statue of Liberty. But, the Americans themselves call it differently - Liberty Enlightening the World, which can be translated from English as "Freedom, Illuminating the World."
  6. Inauguration of the Statue of Liberty took place on October 28, 1886. As you can see, it was not possible to erect the monument to the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, they were exactly 10 years late. US President Grover Cleveland made a speech at the ceremony.
  7. A copy of the Statue of Liberty could have appeared in our country as well. In April 1917, the American journalist Herman Bernstein made an appeal to give Russia a copy of the famous monument as a sign of gratitude to the people who overthrew the "oppression of the monarchy." The Fund for Russian Freedom began to raise funds with the active assistance of former US President William Taft, who held this post from 1901-1913. Moreover, the terms were named minimum: the opening of the Statue of Liberty in Russia was planned for March 2, 1918, the day when the first anniversary of the overthrow of the monarchy will be celebrated. The initiative was supported by Alexander Fedorovich Kerensky, who soon became the head of the Provisional Government. There were heated discussions - where to install the monument, in Moscow or Petrograd? It is difficult to imagine whether this project would have been implemented or not, but all plans to install a new Statue of Liberty in Russia were canceled out by the October Revolution. No one could even say how much money had been collected for the creation of the monument, and where they disappeared after the plans to create a copy of the famous monument were not implemented.