Angel statue of a thousand knives

The world is full of various curiosities that amaze, both in their appearance and in the history of their origin. For example, an artist from Great Britain created a huge statue of an angel, which is made of 10, 000 knives! The author of this work was a man named Alfie Radley, who used far from simple kitchen utensils in his work.

According to the artist, his work includes extremely sharp objects that were used by a variety of criminals to commit serious violations of the law. Some of the items were delivered by government law enforcement agencies, while others came to the author from anonymous sources. But, one way or another, each knife, fastened with other analogues, has its own story, and, more often than not, too sad and cruel to be covered in the media.

Procedure for creating a statue

Mr. Radley claimed that many of the knives that he had at his free disposal contained biological traces of crimes. The artist required some quality cleaning before stitching them together.

After creating the skeleton, the author took up polishing. The photo clearly shows that the angel's hands do not contain sharp parts - they have been smoothed with a sander. Among the many sharp objects, weapons with short and long blades were found, so the size of individual elements also had to be adjusted to the overall picture.

Some interesting facts

It is noteworthy that the angel, in essence, is a symbol of reconciliation and humility, which is very difficult to combine with a contrasting "building material". However, it is precisely this message that the artist tried to convey to the public - everyone has a chance to repent of their sins.

Before starting work, Alfie posted an ad on his personal website that everyone could take part in the creation of the angel. He wanted as many people as possible to get infected with his idea and put a hand in the implementation of the plan. By the way, several dozen criminals who served time for committing crimes and sent knives to the artist came to the workshop, responding to the invitation. Each of them had their own motive, but the transgressors joined forces to create a symbol of repentance.

When the knife angel was finished, Alfie Radley asked the London government to erect a statue in Trafalgar Square. However, officials denied him his request, arguing that such a decorative element could pose a potential danger to visitors to the city and, possibly, put the government in a bad light. But Alfie does not give up, he continues to send petitions to various resources and collect signatures in order to obtain permission to publicly demonstrate this amazing creation.