Sent the house by mail

America-America, it's not for nothing that you are called a country in which people can realize sometimes the most insane plans, for example, send bricks by mail to build a building. So a young American businessman (Mr W. H. Coltharp) from Vernol, Utah, who was building a bank, calculated that it was not profitable for him to hire a truck to transport bricks, since the plant was 120 miles from the facility.

And the guy decided to use regular mail, sending 80, 000 bricks by the postal service to their destination. The post office in the United States of America had just opened at that time and there were no restrictions on the weight of the shipped cargo in its rules ... until this case.

And since the mail carriages had to call in other cities along the way, having reeled about 400 miles, the angry postmen, although they delivered the bricks to the address, complained to their superiors. Since then, the American Post has set limits on the weight of goods sent to no more than 100 kilograms per day. The postal administration commented on its decision: "The postal service was not created in order to send whole houses by mail."

The bank was nevertheless built and the townspeople called it the "post bank". By the way, it exists and sows the day and is located on West Main Street in the city of Vernal (Vernal).