5 of the coziest prisons in the world

1. Halden Prison, Norway

This prison was built in 2010. The guards have neither weapons nor handcuffs. There are no bars on the windows in the cells. Prisoners are provided with good food, hot freshly brewed coffee; each camera is equipped with an LCD TV, mini fridge, shower, toilet with a latch. The windows offer a wonderful view of the pine forest. There is even a recording studio on the territory of the prison.

And prisoners are also paid for their stay in this "institution" - 53 kroons (about 7 euros per day).

It is simply incredible that people who have committed serious crimes - rapists and murderers - are serving their sentences here.

2. Prison "Center of Justice" in Leoben, Austria

The main concept of this prison: "All people were born free and equal in rights and opportunities." The Justice Center was designed and built in 2004 to have as much light as possible inside. All furniture is selected in light colors, and instead of a prison courtyard, there are table tennis tables. This is not the only entertainment. The prisoners have not only a library, a gym and a swimming pool, but also their own kitchen, and even a horse farm. The room has rooms for conferences and concerts, prisoners can freely use the Internet. The cameras are equipped with a TV and shower. From time to time, musicians come to the prison with performances. Only those whose term does not exceed 18 months can go to this prison.

3. Vestre Prison in Copenhagen, Denmark

Vestre Prison was founded in the Danish capital at the end of the 19th century. Only those who have been sentenced to at least five years are serving time in it. As in previous prisons, there is a gym, library and medical center. An additional bonus is a store that sells everything except alcohol prohibited in the prison. Prisoners are entitled to an allowance of 1, 500 kroons per month (this is about 7, 800 rubles), in addition, there is an opportunity to work, which allows you to receive up to 35 kroons per hour. In Vestra, migrant prisoners can receive secondary education.

The prison authorities take care of their "wards", for example, once a week Vestre visits the dentist.

4. Aranjuez Prison, Spain

This Spanish prison, embodying family values, is probably the only one in the world that provides “family” cells for keeping families with children. Disney characters on the wallpaper, children's rooms, playgrounds - all this is done so that the children of criminals do not feel abandoned and can be with their parents while they are serving their sentences.

5. Otago Correctional Center, New Zealand

Compared to other prisons, people who have committed serious crimes, such as murder, drug trafficking and rape of minors, are rather closely monitored here. However, even here the cells look more like rooms in a good boarding house. Psychologists and teachers work with prisoners, anyone can get a higher education without spending a penny. Drug addicts are treated, for good behavior they are allowed to go home for the weekend. Other simple pleasures include a trivial gym, Internet access, and if you wish, you can work at a local dairy farm. The prison hosts regular music concerts, inmates can choose a hobby group and order meals from the restaurant once a week.