Monument to Curiosity

In the city of Yekaterinburg on August 14, 2009 at 3, Studentcheskaya Street, a monument was opened ... to Curiosity. The monument is quite simple in execution: a small pencil sketch of the author - artist Viktor Davydov was embodied in metal.

“Do you know how great female curiosity is? It is almost as good as a man's ”- the famous aphorism of Oscar Wilde. The author of the monument decided to embody it in his work. The monument is a schematic illustration of this statement.

The sculpture depicts a door with a peephole, which stands on a pedestal. A woman peeps through a peephole on one side of the door with great curiosity, and a man on the other. It seems that they are spying on each other.

It took about a week to make the monument.

The sculpture is made of metal sheets.

Height - 2.5 meters.