Interesting facts about the Pentagon

The Pentagon (penta is Greek for five) got its name from the pentagonal appearance of the US Department of Defense building. The length of each of the five sides of the building is 281 m, the perimeter is about 1405 m, the total length of the corridors is 28 km, and the total area of ​​five floors is 604, 000 m². The building has five aboveground and two underground floors, the height of the aboveground part is 23.5 m.

Construction of the Pentagon began in 1941, lasted approximately sixteen months and cost US taxpayers $ 83 million.

Despite more than half a century of construction, the Pentagon building is considered the most ergonomic office in the world. Any point can be reached in 7 minutes. The building consists of five pentagons (one inside the other, like a nesting doll), intersected by ten corridors going from the center.

The building employs about 26, 000 people, 200, 000 phone calls and 40, 000 letters are sent daily.

Interestingly, the Pentagon has twice as many toilets as it actually needs. The Pentagon was built when Virginia still had separate white and black toilets. True, the signs "for whites" and "for blacks" were never hung thanks to the intervention of President Roosevelt.

On September 11, 2001, at 09:37:46, the Pentagon was subjected to a terrorist attack - a Boeing 757-200 (American Airlines Flight 77) crashed into the left outer wing of the Pentagon, which houses the command of the Navy, it was damaged by an explosion and fire, part of the building collapsed.

In the center of the courtyard there is a small shop with the ominous name "Point Zero". According to local legend, during the Cold War, Soviet military analysts assumed that there was a bunker under this small building: spy satellites recorded that a large number of people were constantly entering and leaving it. In this regard, Soviet nuclear missiles were allegedly aimed directly at the grocery store.

Source: Wikipedia