China: score against the computer

Surprisingly, in our computer age, ordinary accounts are very popular in China. At a time when the most brilliant minds of mankind are working on the creation of spacecraft and ultra-modern computers, in the Celestial Empire, many residents willingly use "Xuanpan", this is what the Chinese call abacus. Even ubiquitous computerization could not oust the wooden frame with movable knuckles from circulation.

Any cashier in a Chinese store is so masterful in counting on this seemingly primitive device that one can only envy. Moreover, they give preference to accounts not because of poverty and the inability to buy a more modern device. They are sure that simple mathematical operations are much more convenient to carry out on accounts than on computers.

Accounts have another significant advantage: they do not emit radiation, do not require electricity, and do not catch viruses. As you can see, there are really a lot of advantages.

There is even an Account Lovers Association in China. In it, millions of the country's inhabitants annually pass exams on the ability to master such a not tricky subject as abacus. Moreover, there are many cashiers and bank employees among the trainees of these courses.

In schools, they also do not forget about bills, already in the elementary grades children learn to use them. The Chinese believe that children who are familiar with abacus are much smarter than their peers who are accustomed to counting on computers and calculators.

There is evidence that abacus was used in China as early as the 6th century AD, in the 13th century they had the usual shape for us - a rectangle with stretched threads and knuckles. Later, Xuanpan came to Japan, where they are called Soraban.

By the way, the Japanese also treat bills with respect. At the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, a very curious competition took place in Japan. It was attended by an American with a computer and a Japanese with ordinary accounts. The American could win in speed only in multiplication, and in addition, subtraction and division, the representative of Japan was stronger.

Account manufacturers in China cannot complain about the lack of demand. A huge range of products enters the market. Scores compete adequately with electronic rivals.